Sanpete County (UT)

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Sanpete County was possibly named for a Ute Indian chief named Sanpitch, which was corrupted to Sanpete.

Utah State Agency Radio Call Signs

  • 1Q (1 Quebec) Sanpete County
    • 2Q Manti
    • 3Q Ephraim
    • 4Q Not Assigned
    • 5Q Mount Pleasant
    • 6Q Gunnison
    • 7Q Moroni
    • 8Q Fairview
    • 9Q Fountain Green
    • 10Q Centerfield
    • 11Q Not Assigned
    • 12Q Not Assigned
    • 13Q Mayfield
    • 14Q Sterling
    • 15Q Spring City
    • 16Q Wales
    • 17Q Axtell

Conventional Frequencies

Sanpete County

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
153.75500      WNMQ327       Spring City 1 Spring City  FM  Multi-Dispatch 
153.92000      WGK285   BM    Ephraim City Ephraim City  FM  Multi-Dispatch 
153.98000      KNBL810   BM    Gunnison PD Gunnison Police  FM  Law Dispatch 
154.04000      WNMQ327       Spring City 2 Spring City ?  FM  Multi-Dispatch 
154.10000      WRG574   BM  131.8 PL  Fairview City Fairview City  FM  Multi-Dispatch 
154.32500      KNCB872   BM    Sanpete Fire Fire  FM  Fire Dispatch 
155.05500  153.87500   WPDI837   RM  114.8 PL  Sanpete SAR Search and Rescue  FM  Law Talk 
155.14500      KTL576   BM    Mt. Pleasant Mt. Pleasant ?  FM  Multi-Dispatch 
155.80500      KNFS537   BM    Manti City Manti City  FM  Multi-Dispatch 
156.16500  151.11500   KVC527   RM  114.8 PL  Sanpete Roads Roads  FM  Public Works 
155.83500  158.92500   WPTV808   RM  107.2 PL  Sanpete EMS2 EMS (linked)  FM  EMS Dispatch 
153.96500  154.72500   KEC554   RM  114.8 PL  Sanpete EMS1 EMS (linked)  FM  EMS Dispatch 
155.92500  154.11500   WQI384   RM  131.8 PL  Sanpete EMS3 EMS (linked)  FM  EMS Dispatch 
155.41500      KEC554   RM  114.8 PL  Sanpete SO 2 Sheriff 2  FM  Law Talk 
155.10000      KEC554   RM  114.8 PL  Sanpete SO 1 Sheriff 1  FM  Law Talk 
152.00750      WQKP256   CSQ  Sanpete Paging Fire/EMS Paging  FM  Fire Dispatch 
151.79000  159.78000   WQNQ605   RM    S Sanpete School South Sanpete School District  FMN  Schools 
460.10000  465.10000   WPYL950   RM  156.7 PL  Sanpete Law Disp County Law Dispatch  FMN  Law Dispatch 

Snow College

Frequency  License  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.02500  WNUI817   BM  Snow Colleg1 Snow College 1  FM  Schools 
154.05500  WNUI817   BM  Snow Colleg2 Snow College 2  FM  Schools 

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