Saskatchewan RCMP Talkgroups

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Talkgroups in the Database


Additional RCMP Talk Groups

  • Note: Any listing in bold conflicts with the database entry above, and needs to be validated.

  • tg32 RCMP use
  • tg40 RCMP use
  • tg42 RCMP use
  • tg43 RCMP use
  • tg45 RCMP TAC2
  • tg49 RCMP use
  • tg50 RCMP use
  • tg64 RCMP use
  • tg72 RCMP use
  • tg76 RCMP use
  • tg78 RCMP use
  • tg84 RCMP use
  • tg90 RCMP use
  • tg92 RCMP use
  • tg94 RCMP use

  • tg101 RCMP Encrypted
  • tg108 RCMP Encrypted
  • tg151 RCMP Encrypted
  • tg152 RCMP Encrypted
  • tg153 RCMP Encrypted
  • tg161 RCMP Encrypted
  • tg167 RCMP Encrypted
  • tg168 RCMP Encrypted
  • tg169 RCMP Encrypted
  • tg172 RCMP Encrypted
  • tg173 RCMP Encrypted

Other Talkgroups

  • tg481 unknown use
  • tg596 unknown use
  • tg597 unknown use
  • tg598 unknown use
  • tg599 unknown use