Scott Air Force Base (SAFB) St. Clair County (IL)

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  • 3589 acres, 963 buildings; 5533 Active Duty Military, 2384 ANG/Air Force Reserves, 5085 Civilian Employees

618th Air Operations Center

  • 618th Air Operations Center Website
  • Is the Department of Defense's largest Air Operations Center, bringing together over 800 active duty, Reserve, National Guard, civilian and contractor personnel to support global mobility operations. We serve as Air Mobility Command's expert when planning, tasking, executing, and assessing mobility missions; an invaluable resource when maintaining America's global reach.

They proudly provide unrivaled command and control across the full-spectrum of mobility operations to include airlift, air refueling, aeromedical evacuation, and the global mobility support system. Commanding a fleet of nearly 1,100 mobility aircraft, the 618 AOC provides our warfighters downrange with the mobility support they need to ensure mission success.

The lights are always on in the AOC, as we maintain 24/7 operations, working around-the-clock to best meet the demands of the mission. For over 30 years, the 618 AOC has been the focal point when providing command and control to mobility forces, ensuring global delivery whenever and wherever we're needed.


9/25/12 - KSDK Link Scott Air Force Base, IL (KSDK) - It's called the Fusion Center because it is command and control for military travel and transport all around the globe, and it's located at Scott Air Force Base near Belleville.

3/08 -- MedStar Ambulance signs agreement with 375th Airlift Wing at Scott MedStar Ambulance Service signed an agreement Friday with the 375th Airlift Wing at Scott Air Force Base to provide emergency services for the base. Scott Medical Center closed inpatient service and emergency room functions in October 2006. Military ambulance service capability also was terminated, resulting in a requirement for a contract with a civilian ambulance service company. MedStar Ambulance Inc. was selected on the basis of its ability to provide secondary response and for its use of the Web-based Patient Tracking System, an initiative critical to Homeland Security and joint emergency management interoperability.

Scott Air Force Base is home to the United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) and the Air Mobility Command (AMC). Scott is also home to the 18th Air Force Headquarters, the 375th Airlift Wing, the 932nd Reserve Airlift Wing and the 126th Air National Guard Refueling Wing. The United States Transportation Command is the largest transportation enterprise in the world. As the single manager of America's global defense transportation system, USTRANSCOM is tasked with the coordination of people and transportation assets to allow our country to project and sustain forces whenever, wherever, and for as long as they are needed, in both times of peace and war.

Air Mobility Command (AMC), the air component of USTRANSCOM, is also headquartered at Scott Air Force Base. The Air Mobility Command (AMC) has the primary mission for providing all of the armed services airlift, aerial refueling, special air missions and aeromedical evacuation. AMC also contracts and controls the command contracts for commercial airlifts for the Department of Defense.

Scott AFB - Medical Center

  • As of 2008, Ambulance service has been contracted to MedStar EMS
  • 9/06 - Will now NO LONGER be a 24 Hour Hospital or provide ambulance service.
  • 462.85000 0002668369 BP SAFB PG Medical Center Paging [FCC-Withdrawn]

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  • WQLI990 - 463.3875 Repeater (NFM at Building #533 Hanger Rd)
  • WQLI990 - Mobiles on 461.825, 463.725, 467.7375, 464.8625