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Bettendorf Police & Fire

Both Dispatch Talkgroups on RACOM are patched to their old Frequencies. Which can be taken down by Dispatch by order of the respective command. Police patrol units are in the 500 series, from 501 downtown north. Detectives are in the 400 series while Administration are in the 100 series. Currently the Fire Dept. is being dispatch on the Scott Co Fire Main talkgroup. The Bettendorf Fire Main talkgroup is quiet. There is a new repeater on 154.220 (192.8) for simulcast.

Davenport Police & Fire

Police units that patrol a beat are numbered by first digit as shift (1,2,3). The second & third are the area patrolled. Even numbers are west of Main Street, While odd numbers are east. Units x09 & 10 are the float cars. Units in the high teens are shift command. Numbers in the 600 and above are badge numbers of the sworn Officers. There is one or two units per shift that are crime scene investigators. They drive vans that do not have warning light bars on top. Besides stationary photo-radar units, there is a mobile photo-radar unit in a marked white van with no warning light bar. It is parked in various area of the city for speed enforcement. Like the stationary units notices issued by the van are not considered traffic enforcement under State law.

Currently due to budget restrictions. The Fire Department may take an one apparatus out of service each day. Dispatch will be notified over the dispatch talkgroup of an apparatus being out of service. While the Fire Station are Central,3,4,5,6,7,8 there are higher Engine numbers they might be used for special events with firefighters from the off duty ranks. The Department rededicated an expanded Central Fire Station in 2016. It is the oldest fire station west of the Mississippi River in use. A fire boat is stationed in it's own boat house that is stored on shore from late fall to early spring. Past locatons where it was located for the boating season has been Main and Marquette Street Landings.

Scott Co. (IA) Fire/EMS

  • Bennett Ambulance Service - 145 Main St. @ 2nd St.,Bennett (Cedar Co.)
  • Bettendorf Fire/Rescue -
    • Sta. #1 (HQ) - 1609 State St. (aka US-67) @ 16th St.,Bettendorf
    • Sta. #2 - 1933 Spruce Hills Dr. across from S. Hampton Dr.,Bettendorf (WPBC824)
    • Sta. #3 - 24495 Valley Dr. between Spencer Rd. & 243rd Ave.,Bettendorf (KFK692)
    • Sta. #4 - 5002 Crow Creek Rd. @ Middle Rd.,Bettendorf
  • Blue Grass V.F.D. -
    • Current Sta. - 606 W. Mayne St. (aka 140th St.) @ N. Oak Ln.,Blue Grass (KNAX250)
    • Former Sta. - 120 E. Orphed St. between N. Mississippi St. (aka County Route Y40) & N. Neisse St.,Blue Grass
  • Buffalo V.F.D. - 122 E. Front St. (aka State Route 22) just east of Dodge St.,Buffalo (KTI703)
  • Buffalo Ambulance Service Inc. - 1016 W. Front St. (aka State Route 22) @ Maple St.,Buffalo (The Amb. Service has disbanded)
  • Davenport F.D. -
    • Central Sta. (HQ) - 331 Scott St. @ W. 4th St.,Davenport (KNAB418)
    • Sta. #3 - 3506 Harrison St. @ W. 35th St.,Davenport (KNAB419)
    • Sta. #4 - 1805 E. Locust St. @ Judson St.,Davenport (KNAB417/KNAB420)
    • Sta. #5 - 2808 Telegraph Rd. @ S. Rolff St.,Davenport (KNAB421)
    • Sta. #6 - 1735 W. Pleasant St. @ Hickory Grove Rd.,Davenport (KAH280/KNAB422)
    • Sta. #7 - Current Sta. - 2302 W. 67th St. between Northwest Blvd. & N. Hancock Ave.,Davenport (KNAB423)
    • Sta. #8 - 2802 E. 53rd St. between Fairhaven Rd. & Elmore Cir.,Davenport
    • Historical Former locations
      • Hose Company #1 - 117 N. Perry St. @ Emerson Pl.,Davenport
      • Hose Company #3 - 326 E. Locust St. between Pershing Ave. & Iowa St.,Davenport
      • Hose Company #4 - 2301 E. 11th St. across from Jersey Ridge Rd.,Davenport (Now a Fire Museum)
      • Hose Company #5 - Rockingham Rd. (torn down)
      • Hose Company #6 - 1410 Marquette St. between W. 14th St. & W. 15th St.,Davenport
      • Hose Company #7 - 1354 W. 4th St. @ Fillmore St.,Davenport
      • Fire King Engine Hose Company - 117 Perry St. First FireHouse in Davenport.
      • [you can actually buy a model railroad building of this station from Woodland Scenics. Check your local hobby store]
  • Dixon V.F.D. Inc. - 306 Davenport St. (aka County Route Y4E) @ Big Rock Rd. (aka County Route Y4E),Dixon
  • Donahue V.F.D. Inc. - 302 N. Main St. (aka 115th Ave./County Route Y52) between 3rd Ave. & 7th Ave. W.,Donahue
  • Durant Community V.F.D. - 701 5th St. (aka County Route F58) @ 7th Ave.,Durant (Cedar Co.)
  • Durant Volunteer Ambulance Service - 703 5th St. (aka County Route F58) between 7th Ave. & 8th Ave.,Durant (Cedar Co.)
  • Eldridge V.F.C. - 120 N. 2nd St. across from W. Wade St.,Eldridge (KDN536)
  • LeClaire V.F.D. - 201 N. 15th St. @ Jones St.,LeClaire
  • Long Grove V.F.D. - 121 N. 1st St. @ E. Grove St.,Long Grove
  • Maysville V.F.D. - 23630 93rd Ave. @ 237th St.,Maysville
  • McCausland V.F.D. - 305 N. Salina St. between E. Ives St. & E. Bennett St.,McCausland
  • Medic E.M.S. -
    • HQ - 1204 E. High St. @ Bridge Ave.,Davenport
    • Bettendorf Unit - Bettendorf Fire/Rescue Sta. #2
    • Blue Grass Unit - Blue Grass Public Safety Bldg.
    • Clinton Sta. - 1410 N. 4th St. @ 15th Ave. N.,Clinton (Clinton Co.) (Location is the ER Garage: 41.862310/-90.190066)
    • Eldridge Sta. - 100 S. 14th Ave. @ E. LeClaire Rd.,Eldridge
    • LeClaire Sta. - 107 N. Cody Rd. (aka US-67) between Jones St. & Wisconsin St.,LeClaire
  • Units will pre-stage certain times at these location:
    • 1040 W. 4th St. between Myrtle St. & Warren St.,Davenport
    • 1111 W. Kimberly Rd. (aka US-6) between Marquette St. & Gaines St.,Davenport (Select Specialty Hospital)
    • 65th and Brady (this location is used when Eldridge Ambulance is busy
    • Genesis West Medical Center
  • New Liberty V.F.D. -
    • Current Sta. - 765 Pike St. (aka 10th Ave.) between Main St. (aka State Route 130) & 290th St.,New Liberty
    • Former Sta. - 795 Main St. (aka State Route 130) @ Liberty St.,New Liberty
  • Princeton V.F.D. - 410 US-67 between Clay St. & Washington St.,Princeton
  • Riverdale V.F.D. - 110 Manor Dr. @ State St. (aka US-67),Riverdale (The Sta. faces State St.)
  • Walcott Community V.F.D. - 128 W. Lincoln St. @ N. Parker St.,Walcott (WQRX249)
  • Wheatland E.M.S. - 204 Madison St. E. between Main St. S. & Bennett St. S.,Wheatland (Clinton Co.)

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