Shelby County (OH)

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Shelby County, Ohio
County Number 75
OSP District Piqua
OSP Post 55 (Piqua)
ODOT District 7 (Sidney)
MARCS Zone 1
NWS Office Wilmington
FIPS Code 39149

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Shelby County, Ohio

Shelby County was formed in 1819 from Miami County. It is named for Isaac Shelby, the first governor of Kentucky. It is located in west central Ohio. The county seat is the City of Sidney, it is the only city in the county. There are eight villages and fourteen townships in the county.

Map of Shelby County, Ohio With Township Labels


Anna             Kettlersville
Botkins          Lockington
Fort Loramie     Port Jefferson
Jackson Center   Russia


Clinton          Jackson         Salem
Cynthian         Loramie         Turtlecreek
Dinsmore         McLean          Van Buren
Franklin         Orange          Washington
Green            Perry

Public Safety Communications

All public safety agencies in Shelby County use a mix of conventional frequencies.


Fire/EMS stations


100's  Anna
200's  Botkins (no EMS)
300's  Ft Loramie
400's  Houston
500's  Jackson Center
600's  Van Buren Twp (Kettlersville) (no EMS)
700's  Lockington (no EMS)
800's  Maplewood (no EMS)
900's  Port Jefferson
1000's Russia (no EMS)
1500's homeland sec
1700's fletcher miami county
4900's spirit ems

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Traffic service is provided by OSP Post 55 Piqua (District 5 HQ). All communications use the Ohio MARCS statewide system.



Each July the Country Concert is an event held at Fort Loramie that brings together four days of camping and outdoor concerts of major country western artists. This event attracts thousands of people to the rural area. In addition to local law enforcement, fire and EMS frequencies, GMRS and FRS radios. Here are frequencies confirmed in use for this event:

452.1000/457.1000  743 DPL     Key2 Security Ch. 1
452.4000/457.4000  516 DPL     Key3 Security 
452.6750           023 DPL     Key2 Security
452.7250           023 DPL     Key2 Security
457.7250           023 DPL     Key3 Security
452.9750           051 DPL     Radio Techs
464.5000/469.5000  506 DPL     Law Enforcement/Security
464.5500/469.5500              Shelby County Sheriff
451.8000                       Shuttle Buses
451.4000           023 DPL     Shuttle Buses
466.03750                      Video Crew
451.6750           351 DPL     Radio Techs
157.5150           141.3 PL    Meyers Garage
518.4000                       Wireless mic
519.2000                       Wireless mic
526.4500                       Wireless mic
630.1000                       Wireless mic
638.4900                       Wireless mic
644.0000                       Wireless mic
766.9750                       Wireless mic