Snohomish County (WA)

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Snohomish County Sheriffs Department

Patrol Districts


Radio Jargon

10 Codes

10-04 Received
10-05 Relay Transmission
10-06 Are you alone/can anybody else hear your radio ?
10-08 In service
10-09 Repeat
10-10 Out of service
10-15 Person in custody
10-15F Person in custody female
10-15J Person in custody juvenile
10-15M Person in custody male
10-19 Return to station or precinct
10-21 Phone call
10-22 Disregard
10-28 Check plate
10-33 Warrant/Wanted Subject/Vehicle
10-33C Caution On Subject
10-33F Felony warrant
10-33M Misdemeanor Warrant
10-33T Traffic
10-33V Stolen Vehicle
10-44 Car To Car/Meet
10-47 Arrived At Scene
10-62 Status
10-98 Mentally unstable person
10-99 Clear the Air Priorty Traffic to Follow


CAN Canceled
DUI Driving Under Influence
DUP Duplicate
DWLS Driving While Licence Suspended
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
FTA Fail To Appear
FTC Fail To Comply
HBD Has Been Drinking
I Officer Generated
MVA Multiple Vehicle Accident
N Navy Personnel
NVOL No Valid Operators Licence
PR Personal Recognizance
PSP Possession of Stolen Property
T Transit
RP Reporting/Responsible Person
VUCSA Violation of Uniform Controlled Substance Act

Clearing codes

A Assistance rendered on scene, Assignment Complete, No Report
B Assistance rendered by telephone, Assignment Complete, No Report
C Civil case
D Backup unit, No Report
E Taken home/facility
F Field interview
G Gone on arrival
H Case report on seene, No arrest citation or booking
I Case report criminal citation no booking
J Case report no citation Booked in jail
K Case report Booking and citation
L Case report taken by phone no citation or booking
M Follow up required no citation or booking
N Follow up arrest, arrest/booking made
O Follow up, criminal citation issued
P Patrol information
Q Citation/case #
R Referred
S False alarm
T Traffic/ticket
U Unfounded/unknown
V Miscellaneous report
W Warning issued
X Mail in report
Y (presently not used)
Z Limited response/Emergency operations

Status Codes

Code 1 Request for second car without delay but non-emergency
Code 2 Request for second car QUICK RESPONCE
Code 3 Automatic air closure OFFICER NEEDS HELP
Code 4 Status is ok

Amateur Radio

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