Southwest Rural Electric Association

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General Information

  • This system went online in November 2015. This is a conventional (non-trunked) DMR system with five IP linked multicast sites in Comanche, Jackson and Tillman counties in Oklahoma, and Wichita and Wilbarger counties in Texas.
  • See the Monitoring DMR and Monitoring TRBO sections of the DMR MOTOTRBO articles for compatible receivers, scanners and applications
  • Outside of normal business hours dispatch is handled by KAMO Power.

System Frequencies

  • The repeaters are listed separately in the Utilities or Businesses section of each county page in the database.
  • In Jan 2016 a new repeater (856.3375/811.3375) was licensed in Tipton and has not been confirmed in use. The input frequency was originally licensed as a systemwide simplex talkaround channel.
Frequency Input License Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag
855.0125 810.0125 WPXK256 RM 1 CC SWREA Tipton Tipton, OK (Headquarters) (Tillman County) DMR Utilities
856.3375 811.3375 WPXK256 RM ??? Tipton, OK (Headquarters) (Tillman County) ??? Utilities
855.0375 810.0375 WPXK256 RM 1 CC SWREA Altus Altus, OK (Jackson County) DMR Utilities
858.3375 813.3375 WPXK256 RM 1 CC SWREA Indiahoma Indiahoma, OK (Comanche County) DMR Utilities
859.4125 814.4125 WPXK256 RM 1 CC SWREA Vernon Vernon, TX (Wilbarger County) DMR Utilities
855.4375 810.4375 WPXK256 RM 1 CC SWREA Electra Electra, TX (Wichita County) DMR Utilities

System Talkgroups

Time Slot Group Description
1 1 Ch 1 Dispatch
2 2 Ch 2 Alternate

Old Frequencies

  • The old analog system used 855.0375/810.0375 at each site with different input PL tones at each site. It is not known if the analog repeaters are still online, since this frequency pair is still licensed at most of the sites.

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