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Busch Stadium

Delaware North *Webpage

  • Operates concessions, premium dining, retail and restaurants at Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals. Delaware North has been the Cardinals' hospitality partner since 1953.
  • 127 concession outlets and premium dining services, including 98 suites and four all-inclusive clubs.
  • formerly Sportservice Corp (SCC), license , new narrowband frequencies are also licensed for DMRn. WPTJ976 Expired 10/21

Note: Some of these listings were in use at the old Busch Stadium. (New Stadium opened 4/2006)

Note 2/10: 152.09 Repeater

  • St Louis Cardinals are licensed for a leased spectrum of 152.075 to 152.105 and 158.535 to 158.565.
  • The FCC spectrum lease/license is L00001246 Expired 9/11 159.21 is probably not the input
  • associated with WPVF234 Part 22 CP Paging license by Warner Communications
  • have not heard this in use lately

Busch Stadium III (St. Louis Cardinals)

  • 200-4Wt portables for 451.2375, 456.2357, 451.7625, 456.7625, 452.1125, 457.1125, 452.6625, 457.6625, 452.8125, 457.8125 WQRR921

Ball Park Village Block 350 - Mall ops: Maintenance, Security, Parking, Concessions, Admin

  • 463.9875 Repeater, mobiles on 466.2, 466.65, 468.625, 468.9875, 469.525, 469.6625 (NFM/DMR) WQSX646

Enterprise Center (St. Louis Blues)

  • Keil Center (formerly known as Scottrade Center, Savvis Center, Kiel Auditorium, also used for concerts and other events.)
  • SCP Worldwide - St Louis Blues Hockey - (also licensed for 462.1125, 463.3375, 468.3375 WPGA402

Public Safety

  • Security Officers for St. Louis Blues, Enterprise Center, Stifel Theatre.-- Licensed, un-armed position that reports to the Manager, Public Safety. This position will follow and maintain established security policies and procedures that protect Enterprise Center, Stifel Theatre, its assets, employees, and guests. Public Safety Security Officers control access into both Enterprise Center and Stifel Theatre. They patrol the facilities with special attention to activities or situations that may breach security or pose a safety hazard. They respond to alarms and emergencies that may require an immediate decision to maintain a safe and secure environment. Knowledge of door access systems, CCTV and life safety programs is required. They also assist in coordinating staff, potential clients, and promoters as needed for the successful presentation of events.

America's Center

  • The St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission (CVC), is the operator of America’s Center (and the formerly named Edward Jones Dome)

UFL St Louis Battlehawks

  • 1/1/24 - The St. Louis Battlehawks will return in 2024, as one of eight teams in a new spring football league, called the United Football League, formed through the merger of the XFL and USFL. .
  • 2/23 - The XFL St Louis Battlehawks have begun playing football again. No known FCC Frequencies
  • Retail Shops - 40-4W mobiles on 451.325, 451.7375, 452.8375, 452.7625, 452.8375 (NFM/DMR) WQUA790

St Louis Rams

  • Rams Football (NFL) have left St Louis as of January 2016 for Los Angeles
  • Former frequencies: WQPL813
  • WQQK342 - Mobiles on 451.675, 452.25, 452.55, 452.6, 452.975 (NFM, 32 kmra STL, based at Earth City)
  • WQPL813 also licensed for 463.4875, 468.4875, 463.5625, 468.5625 at Earth City Training Facility in the county (*updated license 8/12)
  • WQDL307 also licensed for 451.2875 451.3625 451.4125 451.5375 451.5875 452.3125 452.4875 452.6375
 452.6875 452.7875 452.8875 452.9875 456.2875 456.3625
 456.4125 456.5375 456.5875 457.3125 457.4875 457.6375