St. Clair County (MI)

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St. Clair County Government

Municipalities and Districts

Grant Township

Codes and Unit Lists


Port Huron Area School District

Unit Numbering

Countywide Police Units

"Radio or Central" - Sheriff Dispatch 
1xx - Sheriff Detectives 
2xx - Sheriff Road Patrol
34A-Z - State Police - Lapeer Post
3490-3498 - State Police Motor Carrier Enforcement - MCUxx 
25x - Sheriff Traffic Units 
27x - Sheriff Prisoner Transport Units
29x - Sheriff School Enforcement 
32x - St. Clair PD 
33x - St. Clair PD 
36x - Marine City PD 
37x - Marine City PD 
38x - Algonac PD (Dissolved; patrolled by sheriff)  
43x - Capac PD 
46x - Yale PD 
48x - Memphis PD 
50x - Sheriff Dispatchers 
67x - Marysville PD 
71X - Sheriff Unmarked Units
8xx - Sheriff Dive Team  
912x - DNR 
City Carxx - Port Huron PD
CNxx - Railroad Police 
Control 1 - County Jail 
NETxx - Neighborhood Enforcement Team 
PBx - Sheriff Patrol Boats 

County Fire Departments

Most of St Clair County has gone to identifing the units by what they are (i.e. Algonac Engine 1, Berlin Rescue 1, etc...). Some of the people still do refer to the numbers below, but they are being phased out.

Berlin Twp 
Brockway Twp 
Burtchville Twp
Clay Twp (Station 1 Mainland)
Clyde Twp
Fort Gratiot Twp
Grant Twp
Harsens Island (Clay Twp Station 2)
Ira Twp
Kenockee Twp
Kimball Twp (Station 1, Station 2)
Marine City 
Mussey Twp (Capac) 
Port Huron (Central Station, Station 3, Station 4)
Port Huron Twp 
St. Clair

Unit Numbering

10 Department Chief 
11-19 Command Personal 
20-29 Rescue 
30-39 Engine/Pumper 
40-49 Tanker 
50-59 Grass Rig 
70-79 Heavy Rescue 
80-89 Operator or Engineer 
90-99 Ladder or Utility Truck

Fire Department Strike Teams Mutual aid groups

 Strike Team 1
 Berlin Twp
 Brockway Twp
 Mussey Twp (Capac)
 Strike Team 2
 Burtchville Twp
 Fort Gratiot Twp
 Clyde Twp
 Grant Twp
 Kenockee Twp

 Strike Team 3
 Kimball Twp
 Port Huron
 Port Huron Twp
 St. Clair

 Strike Team 4
 Clay Twp
 Ira Twp
 Marine City

Tri Hospital EMS Stations

Standby areas used for coverage when busy

Status 1 Marysville 
Status 2 Marine City 
Status 3 Emmett 
Status 4 Port Huron Township
Status 5 Cottrellville Township 

Tri-Hospital EMS unit numbering corresponds to the station the rig is out of.
Unit numbering after number 9 is for wheelchair vans and extra cars(rigs).

Station 1 - Central (Grand River Avenue), Port Huron
Station 2 - Lake Huron Medical Center (Former St. Joseph Mercy Hospital), Port Huron 
Station 3 - Ascension River District Hospital, East China Township (Former St. John RDH)
Station 4 - Clay Township 
Station 5 - Kimball Township 
Station 6 - Yale 
Station 7 - Capac
Station 8 - Ira Township
Station 9 - Fort Gratiot Township

St. Clair County International Airport-Port Huron (KPHN)

  • WQLJ414 123.0500 Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF)
  • WRU7 118.3750 Automated Weather Observing Station (AWOS)
  • WYK5 121.7250 Lansing Flight Service Station
  • 119.6000 Selfridge Approach/Departure (KMTC)
  • 126.5250 Cleveland Center (Approach/Departure) via Algonac RCAG

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