St. Louis City Services (Analog)

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Public Trunked Radio System

NameSt. Louis City Services (Analog)
OwnerSt. Louis City
Owner TypePublic
CitySt. Louis
CountryUnited States

System Details
TypeMotorola Type II Smartnet
Connect Tone90.00
P25 NAC303

FCC Callsign(s)

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NOTE: This system has been marked as deprecated in the RRDB.

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Police Website

Please note: This Trunk Radio System is owned exclusively by the St Louis Metropolitan Police Dept. They have complete control over the operations of this system. The Police Dept is NOT operated by the City of St Louis. The Police Dept is managed by the BOARD OF POLICE COMMISSIONERS. Therefore, the State of Missouri runs the Police Dept. NOT THE CITY OF ST LOUIS.

As such, the Trunk Radio System is STATE OWNED. NOT CITY OWNED. None of the city public works users of the system have any decision making powers over the radio system. Nor does the City of St Louis or the mayor's office. The Mayor of the City of St Louis gets a single vote on the Board of Police Commissioners. I recommend visiting the State of Missouri for more info on this subject.

EMS OBS - Patient with Organic Brain Syndrome (a.k.a. psych patient)

Police Car Clouting - (commonly mistaken as "clotting") is the act of breaking into unnoccupied vehicles for the purpose of stealing contents from the vehicle. Clouting, which is derived from the transitive verb "clout", means "to hit forcefully.

CSU = Crime Suppression Unit - a new initiative by Chief Mokwa, similar to and somewhat of a replacement of the old Anti-Crime Unit. This unit operates primarily on the B of I channel. Typically a dispatcher works the B of I channel, but the units will operate as if it was a Tac channel.

SODD stands for Special Operation Deployment Division. It’s a legacy name that has stuck around even though operations have changed. The SODD channel is basically a dispatch channel for all the miscellaneous divisions. Specialized units within the department like ETU (Evidence Technician Units), Traffic Safety, Citywide detective units (i.e.: Homicide, Sex Crimes, Child Abuse, Juvenile, etc.). It also is used for Non-Police department groups like the Sheriff’s Deputies, MODOT traffic assist units, Metropolitan Taxicab Commission Enforcement Agents.

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