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Duluth Harbor

The Duluth/Superior Harbor sees about 1,100 ships a year with about 45 million net tons moving through this port annually, specifically, Coal, Wheat, Barley and Taconite. It is the busiest port on the Grat Lakes and the 15th busiest in the nation. Railroad Operations are aplenty, with frequency information in the Minnesota Railroad Wiki Article. Maritime Frequency information below...

Marine Ch # Frequency Usage
06 156.3000 Safety, navigation, search & rescue.
08 156.4000 Commercial business traffic.
10 156.5000 Commercial business traffic.
12 156.6000 Bridges, locks & dams.
14 156.7000 Bridges, locks & dams.
16 156.8000 USCG, Hailing Channel, safety & distress.
18 156.9000 Harbor tugs.
20 157.0000 Bridges, locks & dams.
22 157.1000 Coast Guard.
26 157.3000 General use, & Great Lakes WX,
161.9000 Encoded MAFOR & LAWEB.
28 157.4000 General use & Great Lakes WX
68 156.4250 Recreation boats, charters etc.

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