St. Louis County (MN) Medical

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Emergency Medical Services

Gold Cross EMS Units

Unit ID Primary Post/Role
302 West Duluth
303 West Duluth
304 West Duluth
305 Superior, WI
307 Hawthorne, WI
308 Office Crew
310 Transfer Crew
311 Event Crew
312 Event Crew
320 Medical Director

The Downtown Duluth Station was closed September 2009. To provide coverage, a crew is posted downtown, usually staying at the hospital after a call. Crews are rotated every few hours to this post, known as Zone 4.

Weekdays 10am-1pm 305 posts Downtown, and 307 moves to Superior to cover. From 7-10pm 307 posts downtown with the Superior Crew covering Douglas County.

308 is made up of Paramedics that work in administration in the office. During very busy times they will respond to calls until other crews become available.

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