Statewide (NY) Fire Tone Outs

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  • Items in red are estimated/unconfirmed
  • All stations tested on Monday are known.
  • 5 tests on Tuesday were heard but suspect there were more ahead of Great Barrington on a weaker transmitter.
  • All stations tested on Wednesday are known.
  • Thursday does not appear to have a test.
  • The 2+2 tones appear to be Z-series tones. Group tests have not been detected.


LifeComm Tones on 155.265
District Tone A Tone B
LIFEGUARD-12 828.2 455.2
LIFENET-71 (Albany One) 828.2 455.2
LIFENET-72 550.5 581.5

Weekly Siren Test

Weekly Siren Test (Saturday at Noon)
District Tone A Tone B
All Sirens (group) KM
Richmond 953.7 832.5
Lanesboro FK MC
unknown FK MD
unknown FK MG
unknown FK MF
unknown GK MH
unknown FK MH
unknown GM KF
unknown GM KH
Sandisfield HK MC
unknown HK MD
unknown HK ME
West Stockbridge 879.0 651.9
unknown 832.5 410.8
Cheshire EM KG
unknown GK MF
Hancock 321.7 470.5
unknown EM KF

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