Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System (EDACS)

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The State Law Enforcement Radio System (SLERS) relies heavily on a microwave infrastructure to link it's numerous sites together.
The microwave path reliability can be affected by weather at times, and occasionally by man made obstructions.

A number of sites have had attempted or successful break ins. Repairs, the installation of additional cameras, and increased surveillance patrols usually follow to protect this critical infrastructure.
This is also one of the reasons behind the support for CHAPTER 2020-13 which passed in 2020 which attempts to protect public safety systems by exempting some details from public record requests.
The resulting law with the exemption is s. 119.071, F.S.

2012 Site Listing

Updated 2012 Site Listing:

Site-52 FT PIERC 
Site-53 ORMOND 
Site-54 ORANGE 
Site-56 LEON CO 
Site-59 PINE IS 
Site-60 EASTDUV2 
Site-63 PANAMA 
Site-101 MIAMI 
Site-102 BROWARD 
Site-108 TAMPA 
Site-109 PINE IS2 
Site-110 EAST DUV 
Site-111 GAINESVL 
Site-112 LAKCITY2 
Site-114 CARABELL 
Site-115 WAKULLA 
Site-116 JEFFERSN 
Site-117 JESSAMIN 
Site-118 LAKECNTY 
Site-119 STARKE 
Site-120 BUNNELL 
Site-121 SHLSBORO 
Site-122 COCOA 
Site-123 PT STJOE 
Site-124 BAGDAD 
Site-125 FT DRUM 
Site-126 OKEECHOB 
Site-127 SEBASTAN 
Site-128 KEY WEST 
Site-129 BIG PINE 
Site-130 MARATHON 
Site-131 LONG KEY 
Site-132 PLNT KEY 
Site-133 KEY LRGO 
Site-134 FLAMINGO 
Site-135 PINECRES 
Site-136 LANTANA 
Site-137 JUPITER 
Site-138 BELLEGLD 
Site-139 SCOTSMOR 
Site-140 MELBORNE 
Site-141 KENANSVL 
Site-142 CANOECRK 
Site-143 ORANGCTY 
Site-144 BARBERVL 
Site-145 NAPLES 
Site-146 CARNESTN 
Site-147 IMMOKALE 
Site-148 175 EAST 
Site-149 PALMETTO 
Site-150 FRUITVL 
Site-151 VENICE 
Site-152 HUDSON 
Site-153 CITRUS 
Site-154 HARDEE 
Site-155 LAKELAND 
Site-156 INDIANLK 
Site-157 DUNDEE 
Site-158 FTMEADE 
Site-159 HIGHLAND 
Site-160 DESOTO 
Site-161 BONITASP 
Site-162 INGLIS 
Site-163 MOORHAV 
Site-164 LA BELLE 
Site-165 FOREST 
Site-166 OCALA 
Site-167 PALATKA 
Site-168 MELROSE 
Site-169 ST AUG 
Site-170 MACCLENY 
Site-171 GRN COVE 
Site-172 CALLAHAN 
Site-173 TAYLOR 
Site-174 CROSSCTY 
Site-175 BRONSON 
Site-176 CEDERKEY 
Site-177 MAYO 
Site-178 BRANFORD 
Site-179 PERRY 
Site-180 MADISON 
Site-181 TENNILE 
Site-182 BONIFAY 
Site-183 MARIANNA 
Site-184 INWOOD 
Site-185 MLFERRY 
Site-186 WSHINGTN 
Site-187 CRESTVW 
Site-188 FT WALTN 
Site-189 MILTON 
Site-190 SANTA 
Site-191 DEFUNIAK 
Site-192 KELLY 
Site-193 HAROLD 
Site-194 MEACHAM 
Site-195 CALHOUN 
Site-196 QUINCY 
Site-197 WEWATCH 
Site-198 TELOGIA 
Site-199 ELLINGSN 
Site-200 CENTURY 
Site-201 INDNTOWN 
Site-202 LAURALHL 
Site-203 CALLAWAY 
Site-204 FANNING 
Site-205 FELLWSHP 
Site-206 SO COLUM 
Site-207 MARIETTA 
Site-208 CARMODY 
Site-209 CHPLEY 
Site-210 FTMYERS 
Site-211 AUCILLA 
Site-212 NICEVILL 
Site-214 MARCO IS 
Site-215 ENGLWOOD 
Site-216 KEATNBCH 
Site-217 FRSTPRF 
Site-218 GLADES 
Site-219 LIVE OAK 
Site-220 FRNDINA 
Site-232 SO LIB 
Site-233 PINELLAS 
Site-234 G SWAMP 
Site-235 BROOKSVL 
Site-236 PTCHRLOT 
Site-237 OKEE CTY 
Site-238 BRIGHTON 
Site-239 BIG CYPR 
Site-240 FT WHITE 
Site-241 SHDYGROV 
Site-242 APOPKA 
Site-244 EASTPNT 
Site-245 MOSYHEAD 
Site-246 DESTIN 
Site-247 FREEPORT 
Site-248 GASKIN 
Site-249 BOCARATN 
Site-250 PAYNPR 
Site-251 N HOLME

Troop A-L

  • Troop A

Bay Calhoun Escambia Gulf Holmes Jackson Okaloosa Santa Rosa Walton Washington

  • Troop B

Alachua Columbia Dixie Gilchrist Hamiliton Lafayette Levy Marion Suwannee

  • Troop C

Citrus Hernando Hillsborough Pasco Pinellas Polk Sumter

  • Troop D

Brevard Lake Orange Osceola Seminole Volusia

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Miami-Dade Monroe

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Charlotte Collier DeSoto Glades Hardee Hendry Highlands Lee Manatee Sarasota

  • Troop G

Baker Bradford Clay Duval Flagler Nassau Putnam St Johns Union

  • Troop H

Franklin Gadsden Jefferson Leon Liberty Madison Taylor Wakulla

  • Troop I
  • N Fl Commercial Enforcement A,B,C & H
  • S Fl Commercial Enforcement D,E,F,G,K & L
  • Troop K

Fl Turnpike

  • Troop L

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