Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System (EDACS)/Mobile Radio System

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Mobile Radio System (MRS)

The Mobile Radio System or MRS is a EDACS trunked radio site on a trailer that can be quickly deployed to restore or augment radio coverage for users of SLERS.

The MRS is mounted on a trailer that is towed to the deployment site. It's not a Mobile Command Center looking bus or RV vehicle, although there could be one of those parked next to it.

Hurricanes are a dynamic reason for MRS deployments. Something like a large protest would also be a reason.

There is also a request process where agencies can request a MRS deployment in advance for support of an event.

Examples of when the MRS has been deployed for events

  • Marathons held at Walt Disney World
  • NFL's Superbowl and Pro Bowl games when held in Florida
  • Daytona 500 and the Coke Zero 400 NASCAR races at DIS
  • TPC Players Championship PGA golf tournament
  • Crab Festival in Levy County
  • Okeechobee Music Festival

Watching the FCC's system for a Special Temporary Authorization (STA) to be issued is one way to know about a deployment and to determine any frequencies that may be used.

During a recent deployment in Daytona Beach, the following configuration was observed.
Site 223
Freq. LCN
852.425 6 CC
852.925 14 voice
853.500 18 voice
856.5125 24 voice

Analog voice was heard during the initial set up and only encrypted ProVoice was heard before, during and after the event on TGs 2311 and 2313.