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Suffolk Co. (MA) Fire & EMS Dept.'s

Boston PD District Stations

Boston Police Unit IDs

  • BPD uses 4 Characters in their ID's Phonetic (Area), number (Unit Type), and Number (Unit ID)

  • First (Phonetic)
Letter User Channel Used
Alpha District 1/15 (Downtown/Charlestown) Channel 2
Bravo District 2 (Roxbury/Dorchester) Channel 3
Charlie District 3 (Mattapan) Channel 3
Delta District 4 (South End/Back Bay) Channel 5
Echo District 5 (West Roxbury) Channel 4
Fox District 6 (South Boston) Channel 6
Gold District 7 (East Boston) Channel 2
Harry District 11 (Dorchester) Channel 6
Jake District 13 (Jamaica Plain) Channel 4
Kilo District 14 (Allston/Brighton) Channel 5
Lima District 18 (Hyde Park) Channel 4
Mike Bureau of Field Services
Nova Operations/Headquarters Division
Romeo Extra Paid Details - Large Scale/Citywide Events (not "Road Jobs)
Silver Bureau of Administrative Services (Civilian Units)
Tango Special Operations Division
Victor Investigative Services Bureau
Whiskey Boston Public Health Commission Police Department
X-Ray Internal Affairs Bureau
Yankee Boston Police Department - Administration Units
Zebra Boston Housing Authority Police Department

  • Second (Number/Letter)
Number User(s)
1 Two Officer Patrol Unit "Rapid Car"
2 Two Officer Prisoner Transport Wagon
3 Officer Assigned to Motorcycle
4 One Officer Patrol Unit "Service Car"
5 K9 Units
6 Foot/Bicycle Patrols
7 Mounted Units (Rarely speak on radio)
8 Detective
9 Sergeant (Road Supervisor)
A Lieutenant
B Captain
C Various Command Staff
D Various unspecified units - Specific to their division/bureau (V D = Crime Lab Staff)"Detail" IE "Alpha Detail to Operations" Officer doing road detail in specific district
E Explosives Ordinance Unit (may be followed by 3 digits Ie. T E 501 - is K9)
F Haven't figured out yet - has to do with Special Ops
G Emergency Deployment Team (SWAT) Tango Gold 1 and Tango Gold 2 are (Gun Cars)
H Harbor Patrol/Dive Team Units (ex Tango Harbor One)
K Officer on plain clothes proactive assignment (District or Citywide)
S Boston School Police (ex Tango Sierra ##)
T Traffic Enforcement Units (ex Alpha Tango 55 - District 1 Traffic Unit)
  • Third/Fourth (Number)
    • Unit ID always ends with 2 numbers, that signify the Unit Specific ID Number

  • Fifth Character (used at shift change sign on/sign off)
Character User(s)
A "Last Half" 11:45 pm - 8:00 am
D "Day Shift" 7:45 am - 4:00 pm
F "First Half" 3:45 pm - 12:00 am


  • Next List is unit identifiers for the MBTA Transit Police: (work in progress)
    • Similar to Boston PD:
      • 1st Character - Phonetic
      • 2nd Character - Phonetic or Number
      • 3rd and 4th - Specific Unit
Phonetic User(s)
Alpha Central District Patrols (Downtown Boston/Backbay)
Bravo North District Patrols (North of Boston - Medford/Somerville/Cambridge)
Charlie South District Patrols (South of Downtown - Roxbury/Quincy/Braintree)
Echo Explosives Detection Team
Kilo K9 Units
Lima Lieutenant
Sierra Sergeants/Patrol Supervisors
Tango Special Operations Division
Zulu Command Staff -(Captains and above)
  • Examples
    • Echo Kilo 100 = Explosives K9 100
    • Alpha Sierra 1 - Central District Patrol Supervisor
  • Other Units:
    • North Station # - North Station Foot Patrols
    • South Staiton # - South Station Foot Patrols
    • CST - Crime Suppression Team
    • Commuter Rail - Commuter Rail Foot Patrols - Starts with district identifier (Bravo Commuter Rail)
    • OCC - Operations Control Center (Officer Assigned the MBTA's OCC)

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