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Scope of Use


  • This template creates a stand alone link that points to a specific forum on RadioReference

Directly Invoked By

  • Any article where a direct reference to a RadioReference forum is useful


The parameters are numbered as shown below;

[{{{1}}}/ {{{2}}}{{{3| Forum}}}]

  1. - Name of the forum from the URL on RadioReference
  2. - English name of the forum
  3. - (optional) additional identifier for the forum name


  • The horizontal lines below separate examples for clarity and do not appear when template is invoked.

{{Forum|aircraft-monitoring-forum| Aircraft Monitoring}} results in:

[ Monitoring]

which then creates a link called 'Aircraft Monitoring Forum' See the result section.

How to invoke this template

As shown in the above text, you only need to supply the URL reference of the name of the forum and the name you want to use. The template will fill in (or default) the rest


Aircraft Monitoring Forum

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