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[[Travel Reference (VA) {{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]

NOTE (These notes are not displayed during template-use.)

  • This "TRVA" template is designed to support only the set of "Travel Reference (VA)" pages.
  • Click the "EDIT" button to see the entire template-code, some of which is not visible above the line.
  • Variable "1" is the specific page identifier.
  • Variable "2" is the alternate text to display. If Variable "2" is omitted, variable "1" 's value is displayed.


  • Travel Reference (VA) I-64:
    • "1" would be I-64.
  • Travel Reference (VA) US_460#US_460_Eastern_Portion:
    • "1" would be US_460#US_460_Eastern_Portion
    • "2" could be US 460