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Scope of Use


  • This template is to be used to define the Frequencies (by Logical Channel Number, or LCN) of any EDACS or LTR system that is being researched.
  • This template was designed to mimic (to some degree) the frequency grid in the database. This should make it easier for the DBAs to copy the data when it's appropriate.

Directly Invoked By

  • Any EDACS or LTR TRS that is being researched.


Parameter Name Var Description Expected Value(s) Default Value Notes
  • The number of the site transmitting this TRS
Start with 01
  • The name of the transmitting site (if known)
Freqxx Freq01 - Freq32
  • The frequency for this LCN - see Usage Notes below
000.00000 default value displays subdued as
HideLCN Hide the LCN numbers and title-prefix
  • Not specified (shows LCN numbers)
  • Specified, with no value (hides LCN numbers)
  • Not specified
Please do not specify a value for this parameter

Future-Design Notes

  • Please note: Another template is derived from this template. Before changing this template's design, be sure to identify the impact those changes will have on each derivative template. If you have questions, please ask either in the Wiki Forum, or by sending a PM to the Wiki Admin, W9BU.

Usage Notes

  • If there are multiple sites to this system, define 1 page for each site.
  • There is space in the template for a total of 32 channels. Not all channels need to be filled - if there's only 10 frequencies in the system, then the rest should be removed from the copy of the template being applied. The rest will be resolved automatically. XX should vary from 1 to 32.
  • It is possible that the frequencies and LCNs may not be in sequential order. This is common with LTR systems, but can happen in EDACS systems, too
  • The COLOR template can be used to make the frequencies red or blue, to correspond with known primary or alternate control (or home) channels.


  • The horizontal lines below separate examples for clarity and do not appear when template is invoked.

How to invoke this template

It is unncecessary to fill in usued frequencies with zeros

{{Table ELTRfreqs


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