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Documentation Sub-Page for Set of "Text_CatStateOther..." Templates


  • This page compares the parameter-lists of the "Text_CatStateOther..." templates listed below, which are designed to use many of the same parameters, and to invoke template "Text_CatGeneral" in different ways.

Parameter-List Comparison

  • The parameters below are listed in the order of "likely importance" or "most often used".
  • To sort by a particular column, click the arrow beside that column's title. Click the arrow again to reverse the sort.
Parameter Name Exists in
Exists in
Exists in
State Yes Yes Yes
State2 Yes Yes Yes
StateParentNotFreq -- Yes --
Other Yes Yes Yes
Other2 Yes Yes Yes
OtherIsNotFreq -- Yes --
HideOtherInTitle Yes Yes Yes
HideOtherInList Yes Yes Yes
OtherInState Yes -- Yes
OtherFreqInState -- Yes --
HideParent3 -- Yes (Note 2) --
Country Yes Yes Yes
Articles Yes Yes Yes
MoreText Yes (Note 1) Yes (Note 1) Yes (Note 1)
Parent4 Yes Yes Yes
Parent5 Yes Yes Yes
Parent6 Yes Yes Yes
Parent7 Yes Yes Yes
HideParent4 Yes Yes Yes
HideParent5 Yes Yes Yes
HideParent6 Yes Yes Yes
HideParent7 Yes Yes Yes
TextHasNoParent -- -- Yes (Note 3)
HideAllParents -- -- Yes (Note 3)
SubmittedBy -- -- Yes (Note 4)

Invoking Template:Text_CatGeneral

Parameter Name
Used By Template
Used By Template
Used By Template
HideRRDBText -- -- Yes
HideFreqText Yes -- Yes
MoreText Yes (Note 1) Yes (Note 1) Yes (Note 1)


  • Note 1
    • Parameter MoreText exists as a parameter in the templates that invoke Text_CatGeneral, thus allowing a "pass-through" effect so that custom messages can be displayed uniformly in all templates and categories that use Text_CatGeneral.

  • Note 2
    • Parameter HideParent3 hides the value of "Parent3" which is a parameter that is not user-defined, but is automatically created by the template's logic. Please see Text_CatStateOtherFreq/doc for more information.

  • Note 3
    • Parameters TextHasNoParent and HideAllParents should be used only with the top-category for an entire category-tree; and should be used as a pair, not just one. Example: Category:Gateways.

  • Note 4
    • Parameter SubmittedBy should be used only when the category's articles are submitted only by administrators, not by regular members. Examples: Category:Gateways, Category:Legal