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Scope of Use


  • This template will create an indexed article that will list the various possibilities for the correct definition of this term, whether it's a region, county, city, system name or a specific place name.
    • The database does not always conform to unique naming standards, and can have multiple entries for the same name in different regions. It may also define the same trunked system, with an identical name and location, but the system has 2 distinctly different system types.

Directly Invoked By

  • Any region, county, city, system name or place name that has more than one identical entry in the database.


  • RegionName - Place the name of the region, county, city or place name here. This should be followed by as many links as are necessary to establish an unique entry in the wiki for each entity.


  • The horizontal lines below separate examples for clarity and do not appear when template is invoked.

How to invoke this template

The line below (between the pre tags) can be copied verbatim

|RegionName=Boca Raton Resort and Club}}

* [[Boca Raton Resort and Club (LTR System)]]
* [[Boca Raton Resort and Club (DMR System)]]


Welcome to the Boca Raton Resort and Club disambiguation article. This article will link all entities in the database with Boca Raton Resort and Club as a location. Please select the appropriate link from the list below

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