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The Texas A&M Forest Service was created in 1915, as a service within Texas A&M University, that will "assume direction of all forest interests and all matters pertaining to forestry within the jurisdiction of the state." Prior to 2012 the agency's name was Texas Forest Service.

Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground Zone Boundaries

From 2022 NIFC Map. May no longer be current.

  • Zone 1 (TXS01) - Northwest: West of 100° W, North of Interstate 20, North of Interstate 10 (W of I-10/I-20 Jct)
  • Zone 2 (TXS02) - North: East of 100° W, North of Interstate 20, West of US Hwy 75
  • Zone 3 (TXS03) - Northeast: North of State Hwy 21, East of Interstate 45, East of US Hwy 75
  • Zone 4 (TXS04) - Southwest: West of 100° W, South of Interstate 20, South of Interstate 10 (W of I-10/I-20 Jct)
  • Zone 5 (TXS05) - South: East of 100° W, South of Interstate 20, West of Interstate 45
  • Zone 6 (TXS06) - Southeast: South of State Hwy 21, East of Interstate 45

VHF AM Air-to-Air Frequencies

TFS changes their AM aircraft band air-to-air frequency plan periodically. The frequencies listed in the database (shown in the table below) are from 2013 and may no longer be current. Frequency plans are no longer posted on the TFS web site.

Frequency  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
122.92500  CSQ  TFS A2A Pri Primary All Zones  AM  Aircraft 
119.37500  CSQ  TFS A2A Z1 S Secondary Zone 1  AM  Aircraft 
125.37500  CSQ  TFS A2A Z2 S Secondary Zone 2  AM  Aircraft 
132.72500  CSQ  TFS A2A Z3 S Secondary Zone 3  AM  Aircraft 
135.67500  CSQ  TFS A2A Z5 S Secondary Zone 5  AM  Aircraft 
126.37500  CSQ  TFS A2A Z6 S Secondary Zone 6  AM  Aircraft 
134.07500  CSQ  TFS ABI Tank Abilene Air Tanker Base Ramp  AM  Aircraft 
123.97500  CSQ  TFS MW SEAT Mineral Wells SEAT Base Ramp  AM  Aircraft 
124.97500  BM  CSQ  TFS Aus Tank Austin Air Tanker Base Ramp  AM  Aircraft 
120.92500  CSQ  TFS A2A Z4 S Secondary Zone 4  AM  Aircraft 


TFRs requested for aerial firefighting usually have a contact frequency listed. This is usually the Air-to-Air zone primary or secondary frequency but sometimes new incident-specific frequencies are used which are not listed in the database. See the FAA Temporary Flight Restrictions page.

VHF FM Federal Frequencies

During large fires when resources from other states and federal agencies are brought in, National Incident Radio Support Cache Command, Tactical and Air Tactics channels may be used.

NIRSC Tactical and Government Common channels are often used by the federal wildland fire agencies as travel and talk channels.

Agency specific (USFS, FWS, NPS, etc.) frequencies may also be used as well as temporary incident specific frequencies ordered from the NIFC.

Air Tactics

From unofficial 2020 NIFC National Air-to-Ground Frequency List. May not be current or accurate.

Air Tactics
Frequency Type Tone Description Mode
166.6375 M CSQ (NIFC A/G 02) Zone 1 NW, Zone 5 S FMN
166.6125 M CSQ (NIFC A/G 03) Zone 1 NW, Zone 4 SW FMN
166.8500 M CSQ (NIFC A/G 07) Zone 2 N, Zone 4 SW, Zone 6 SE FMN
166.9125 M CSQ (NIFC A/G 09) Zone 3 NE, Zone 4 SW FMN
167.1750 M CSQ (NIFC A/G 34) Zone 3 NE FMN
167.4500 M CSQ (NIFC A/G 40) Zone 1 NW, Zone 2 N, Zone 4 SW, Zone 5 S, Zone 6 SE FMN
167.4750 M CSQ (NIFC A/G 41) Zone 3 NE FMN
168.5375 M CSQ (NIFC A/G 54) Zone 5 S FMN
169.0875 M CSQ (NIFC A/G 58) Zone 6 SE FMN
168.3250 M CSQ (NIFC A/G 85) Zone 2 N FMN
  • In 2023 166.6125 and 168.4000 were used as air-to-ground in Zone 2. This may have been an incident-specific frequency assignment.


  • - Contains a Google Earth .kml map of Texas A&M Forest Service communications sites.

Unconfirmed/Unidentified Frequencies

  • The following frequencies are not listed in the database. If you can confirm any of them please submit the information and remove them from this list.
Frequency/Input Callsign Type Description
various WNQU829 B Austin base
159.3300/151.3100 WNWR504 RM Austin repeater
159.3300/? WPQJ503 RM Bertram repeater
various WQCB494 B Buna base
159.4050/151.1600 WQUY457 RM Bleakwood repeater
159.4050/151.3100 KKD227 RM Burkeville repeater
151.4675 WQEN772 B Canadian base
159.3000 WQEN772 B Canadian base
various WPQF909 B Canyon base
various KEG805 B Carthage base
various WQEN772 B Childress base
various WQCB287 B Clarksville base
various KKB850 B Conroe base
various KKG673 B Crockett base
155.5500/153.8000 WQCB281 R Crosbyton repeater
159.3300/? WNXX551 RM Daingerfield repeater
159.4200/? WPQJ503 RM Decatur repeater
various WQEP406 B Fort Stockton base
various WPAS932 B Fredericksburg base
various WXF861 B Gilmer base
159.3300/151.3100 WNLR435 RM Henderson repeater
various WPES222 B Huntsville base
various KKR565 B Jacksonville base
various WNZP263 B Jasper base
159.2250/? KKD206 RM Karnack repeater
various KGC559 B Kountze (Olive) base
various WNQR919 B LaGrange base
159.2250/? WZQ665 RM Linden repeater
various KKE388 B Livingston base
159.2250/151.1600 KKE388 RM Livingston repeater
various KLW987 B Longview base
various WPCR857 B Lufkin base
various WNZB554 B Lufkin base
159.4650/? WNZB554 RM Lufkin repeater
various WQCB281 B Merkel (Abilene) base
various KNGT956 B Nacogdoches base
various WNQU742 B New Boston base
various WNVF811 B Palestine base
various WNQU833 B Pittsburg base
various WQEQ905 B San Angelo base
various WNQB624 B San Augustine base
159.3300/151.3100 WQEQ905 RM Sheffield repeater (New app 03/2024)
various WNWR504 B Smithville base
159.3300/? WQCB281 RM Tuscola repeater
159.4050/151.3100 WNLR341 RM Victoria repeater
various WNWG700 B Woodville base
  • Most of the base stations above with frequency shown as various are licensed for several of the following frequencies:
  • National Flight Following

In 2023 there are reports of several base stations on the National Flight Following frequency 168.6500 PL 110.9 (simplex NFM). Aircraft have been heard communicating with 'College Station Dispatch'. It is not know how many base stations there are or their exact locations.

Statewide FCC Licenses

  • KA4905 - Mobile
  • KE8108 - Temporary Base
  • WPEV252 - Mobile Repeater
  • WPNU241 - Temporary Base, Temporary Repeater, Temporary Control, Mobile


The frequencies from old air-to-air zone maps and other sources are listed below. They may or may not be used again in the future.

At times when there are multiple aircraft working a large fire or multiple fires in the same area, alternate frequencies may be ordered from the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) to separate fixed-wing and rotor-wing traffic or to prevent interference to operations in other areas.

Some of the frequencies listed below were probably temporary incident specific frequencies and may or may not be used again in the future.

Frequency Type Tone Description Mode
118.4500 M CSQ Bastrop Co. Complex Fire (Sep 2011) AM
118.7000 M CSQ Copper Breaks Fire - fixed-wing/TFR (Aug 2019) AM
118.7750 M CSQ AM
119.2500 M CSQ AM
119.5750 M CSQ AM
119.8000 M CSQ Cowan Fire (TFR contact freq. Baylor Co. Sep 2023) AM
119.9750 M CSQ Copper Breaks Fire - rotor (Aug 2019) AM
120.3000 M CSQ Nolan Co. Fire (July 2011) AM
120.8000 M CSQ Zone 2 secondary? (TFR contact freq. Archer Co. Jul 2018) AM
120.8500 M CSQ AM
120.9250 M CSQ AM
121.1750 M CSQ Bear Creek Fire (Sep 2011) AM
121.3750 M CSQ AM
121.6750 M CSQ Riley Rd. Fire (Sep 2011) AM
121.8250 M CSQ Craft Fire (Jack Co. Aug 2023) AM
122.2250 M CSQ AM
122.4250 M CSQ AM
122.5750 M CSQ AM
122.6750 M CSQ AM
122.8500 M CSQ AM
123.1250 M CSQ Linden-592 Fire (Sep 2011) AM
123.1500 M CSQ PK 101 Ranch Fire (Aug-Sep 2011) AM
123.4000 M CSQ Third Fire (Sep 2011) AM
123.4500 M CSQ AM
123.6500 M CSQ Campbell Fire (Archer Co. Aug 2023) AM
123.9750 M CSQ SEAT Base Ramp (Primary most areas) AM
124.3750 M CSQ Northeast TX Fires (Sep 2011) AM
124.4750 M CSQ Double Fire (TFR contact freq. Palo Pinto Co. Sep 2023) AM
124.9750 M CSQ Austin Tanker Base Ramp (2012) AM
125.0750 M CSQ AM
125.5500 M CSQ Campbell Fire (Archer Co. Aug 2023) AM
126.0750 M CSQ AM
126.2500 M CSQ AM
127.0750 M CSQ AM
127.1750 M CSQ AM
127.7000 M CSQ Zone 2 secondary? (TFR contact freq. Palo Pinto Co. Jul 2018) AM
127.8750 M CSQ AM
128.8250 M CSQ Riley Rd. Fire (Sep 2011) AM
134.0750 M CSQ Air Tanker Base Abilene (2023) AM
135.3250 M CSQ AM
135.7250 M CSQ AM

The following old air tactics frequencies were probably temporary assignments for specific incidents.

Old Air Tactics
Frequency Type Tone Description Mode
166.9375 M CSQ Air-to-Ground Northeast TX Fires (Sep 2011) FMN
168.0125 M CSQ Air-to-Ground Secondary PK Complex Fire (Apr-May 2011) FMN

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