Tooele County (UT)

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Tooele (Too-will-ah) County's naming origin is uncertain, possibly from a Native American Chief named Tuilla.

Utah State Agency Radio Call Signs

  • 1H (1 Hotel) Tooele County
    • 2H Tooele City
    • 3H Grantsville
    • 4H Wendover
    • 5H Stockton
    • 6H North Tooele Fire
    • 7H Vernon
    • 8H Terra
    • 9H Rush Valley
    • 10H Ophir
    • 11H Ibapah
  • Per the Tooele County Callsigns Thread, the above callsigns are being phased out, and replaced by:
    • "Charlie": Tooele City
    • "Golf": Grantsville
    • "Sierra": Stockton
    • "Whiskey": Wendover

Conventional Frequencies

Tooele County

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.82000  KNEZ463   BM  103.5 PL  Tooele FD 1 Fire/EMS 1 (linked to UCA 40128)  FM  Fire-Talk 
155.91000  KIQ320   BM    Tooele Sher2 Sheriff  FM  Law Talk 
155.74500  KNNR384   BM    Tooele Sher1 Sheriff  FM  Law Talk 
151.13000    BM  203.5 PL  Fremont Isle Fremont Island  FM  Public Works 
157.45000    CSQ  Tooele FD P Fire/EMS Paging  FM  Multi-Dispatch 
155.04000  KTY931     Tooele GPS Tooele GPS Survey Data  FM  Public Works 

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