Tooele County (UT)

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Tooele (Too-will-ah) County's naming origin is uncertain, possibly from a Native American Chief named Tuilla.

Utah State Agency Radio Call Signs

  • 1H (1 Hotel) Tooele County
    • 2H Tooele City
    • 3H Grantsville
    • 4H Wendover
    • 5H Stockton
    • 6H North Tooele Fire
    • 7H Vernon
    • 8H Terra
    • 9H Rush Valley
    • 10H Ophir
    • 11H Ibapah
  • Per the Tooele County Callsigns Thread, the above callsigns are being phased out, and replaced by:
    • "Charlie": Tooele City
    • "Golf": Grantsville
    • "Sierra": Stockton
    • "Whiskey": Wendover

Conventional Frequencies

Tooele County

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.82000  KNEZ463   BM  103.5 PL  Tooele FD 1 Fire/EMS 1 (linked to UCA 40128)  FMN  Fire-Talk 
155.91000  KIQ320   BM    Tooele SO 2 Sheriff  FMN  Law Talk 
155.74500  KNNR384   BM    Tooele SO 1 Sheriff  FMN  Law Talk 
157.45000    CSQ  Tooele FD Page Fire/EMS Paging  FMN  Multi-Dispatch 
155.04000  KTY931     Tooele GPS Tooele GPS Survey Data  FMN  Public Works 

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