Topeka / Shawnee County Unit Numbering

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Law Enforcement Unit Numbering

"Cruiser **" is a Topeka Police Department administrative unit
20-29 are TPD Animal Control Officers
30-49 are TPD School Resource Officers
50-59 are TPD Crime Scene Officers
70-99 are TPD Response Team Officers
110 is the TPD front desk admin officer
111-115 are TPD Hit and Run units
119 is the TPD front desk officer
120-129 are Sheriff's Department Deputies
130-139 are TPD Motorcycle Officers
140-199 are Sheriff's Department Deputies (all Deputies keep their same number throughout their career except 200, the Sheriff and 201, the Undersheriff)
300-399 vary between TPD and Sheriff's Department reserves

TPD Operations unit numbers are as follows:

  • 400 is the TPD helicopter (no longer used)
  • 401-410, 420 and 430 are Lieutenants.

411-449 are divided into zones. The 2nd number is the zone and the 3rd number is the type of unit.

  • 411 is a Supervisor
  • 412, 416 and 417 are rove cars
  • 413, 414 and 415 are area cars
  • 418 is a traffic car

480-489 are TPD Bike Officers
490-499 are TPD K9s
500 is the TPD transport van
501-505 are Shawnee County Park Police Officers
506-599 are TPD Specialty Units (Detectives, Gang, Narcotics)
600-649 are 501 and Washburn University officers
650-699 are VA and MTAA Police Officers
700-799 are TPD Community Police Officers
800-999 are Special Enforcement units (DUI, Seatbelt etc.)

a 4 digit unit number is a TPD officer working off-duty