Towns County (GA)

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Fire Station List

  • Towns County Fire and Rescue - Station 1, 156 Sims Circle-Hiawassee (Staffed Mon-Fri- 0800–1600) / Apparatus: Engine 1, Tanker 1, Rescue 1 (Extrication tool), Utility 1
  • Towns County Fire and Rescue - Station 2, 7084 Highway 76 W-Young Harris (Staffed Mon-Fri- 0800–1600) / Apparatus: Engine 2, Tanker 2, Rescue 2 (extrication tool), Mini Pumper 2, Reserve Engine
  • Towns County Fire and Rescue - Station 3, 569 Gander Gap Road (Bald Mountain Park)-Fodder Creek (Volunteer) / Apparatus: Engine 3, Tanker 3, Public Education/Fire Wise Trailer)
  • Towns County Fire and Rescue - Station 4, 6327 Highway 76 E-High Tower (Volunteer) / Apparatus: Engine 4, Tanker 4, Rescue 4 (Extrication tool)
  • Towns County Fire and Rescue - Station 5, 1840 Underwood Road-Hiawassee River (High River) (Volunteer) / Apparatus: Engine 5, Tanker 5, Rescue 5 (Extrication tool)
  • Towns County Fire and Rescue - Station 6, 441 Sunnyside Road-Sunnyside (Volunteer) Training Classroom Located at this Station-Bunker Gear and Laundry Facility / Apparatus: Squad 6, Water Rescue/Recovery Trailer
  • Towns County Fire and Rescue - Station 6 Annex, 443 Sunnyside Road-Sunnyside (Volunteer) Administrative Offices for Fire Chief, Training Division Chief (Old Georgia Forestry Ranger Station) / Apparatus: Engine 6, Ladder 6
  • Ridges Resort Marine / Apparatus: Marine 1 and Marine 2

Stations 1, 2, 4 & 5 are equipped with rescue vehicles. All stations are equipped with engines with a minimum of 1,000 gallons of water, and all engines are equipped with a 1,250 GPM pump or greater. All 6 stations also have tanker trucks (truck companies) to accompany the engines with the first due assignments. Towns County also has one 75 foot aerial (ladder) truck at Station #6. All of the rescue trucks are equipped with hydraulic tools (jaws of life).

  • Young Harris Volunteer Fire and Rescue, W Main Street US-76 Street-Young Harris / Apparatus: Unknown

EMS Station List

Towns County EMS has two stations:

  • EMS East 1505 State Highway 76 Hiawassee
  • EMS West 1400 Jack Dayton Circle Young Harris

The Staff is composed of EMT’s and Paramedics. Staffing consist of one ambulance staffed at each station, and supervisor vehicle at the West station. Each station has an extra ambulance fully equipped and ready to respond if needed making a total of four ambulances. An all-terrain vehicle is available for off road response and rescue. Also, a multi-casualty trailer capable of treating and stabilizing 75 trauma patients is available as well as a shelter trailer capable of equipping a 50 person shelter.