Trunktrackers and STARS

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  • This system requires Win96 Version 1.53 or above to set the correct 2.50kHz Step. Note: Step 2.50kHz cannot be set with scanner keyboard. In Win96, check Multi table bullet under MOT 9600 CC, then click Extended Tables bar. Enter data in # 00, 01 & 02 as indicated - Identifiers 03 through 05 will be ignored by scanner.
  • Note: Do not check any Standard Plans Bullets.


GRE Based Scanners (no SD Card)

The picture below comes from WIN500, and is usable on the following scanners;

GRE Model Older RS Model Newest RS Model Whistler Model
PSR-500 Pro-106 Pro-651 WS1040
PSR-600 Pro-197 Pro-652 WS1065
  1. Trunking w/ Analog Voice Only scanners, others shown in table can handle up-to Digital P25 Phase I

Note: Neither the PSR-310 nor the PSR-410 can copy STARS as these scanners are analog only

Win500 STARS settings.JPG


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