UNC Charlotte Conventional

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All frequencies are licensed to UNC Charlotte or the State of North Carolina and are located on or around the campus.

Frequency Tone License Type Description Notes
451.3250 WNRV586 RM Unknown
453.2250 67.0 PL WPAU476 RM Police Mutual Aid Now used for dorm security/safe ride dispatch.
453.7125 WPLU289 RM Unknown
457.6000 WPOA677 M Unknown
460.2250 023 DPL WPAU476 RM Police Dispatch No longer in use.
460.2875 WPLZ627 RM Unknown
460.3250 WPAU476 RM Police Tactical 2 No longer in use.
460.4750 WPAU476 RM Police Tactical 3 No longer in use.
461.2500 WNRV586 RM Unknown
461.6000 67.0 PL WNGW986 RM Housing & Residence Life House Keeping
461.7500 023 DPL WPLE769 RM Student Activity Center Ops
461.8500 WPTZ472 RM Unknown
462.0250 241.8 PL WPCC679 RM Parking Services Operations
463.7000 77.0 PL WQDF210 RM Unknown Morse code ID, Close Call on campus.
463.7125 WQDF210 RM Unknown
463.7250 88.5 PL WPJY335 RM Unknown Morse code ID, Close Call on campus.
463.9875 192.8 PL WQNC812 RM Student Union Ops
464.3000 85.4 PL WPJY335 RM Housing & Residence Life Maintenance
464.9750 WNRV586 RM Unknown