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US Forest Service

Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, NV

Humboldt/Toiyabe National Forest (Nevada side)

Repeaters (Forest-wide including those in Nevada)
110.9 "Tone 1" Slide Mountain southwest of Reno, NV
               Mahogany Mtn. at the south end of the Shoshone Mtn. Range in central Nevada
123.0 "Tone 2" Peavine Peak north of Reno, NV
               Masonic Mtn. east of Bridgeport, CA
               Bald Mtn. in the Monitor Mtn. Range in central Nevada
131.8 "Tone 3" Hawkins Peak near Markleeville, CA
               Austin Mtn. near Austin, NV
136.5 "Tone 4" Rawe Peak northeast of Carson City, NV
               Brock Mtn. near Tonopah, NV
146.2 "Tone 5" Lobdell AKA Pine Grove southwest of Yerington, NV
               Angel Peak on the east side of the Spring Mountain Range near Las Vegas, NV
156.7 "Tone 6" Mean Peak north of the Mountain Warfare Training Center
               on Highway 108 in Mono County, CA
               Bunker Hill in the Toiyabe Range in central Nevada
               Charleston Peak in the Spring Mountain Range near Las Vegas
167.9 "Tone 7" Corey Peak near Hawthorne, NV
               Mt. Jefferson in the Toquima Range in central Nevada
Ranger Districts:
0 Forest Supervisor's Office in Sparks Nevada
1 Carson
2 Bridgeport
3 Austin
4 Tonopah
5 Spring Mountain National Recreation Area

Call signs are four numbers with the first always being a "7", which stands for the Toiyabe NF which is Forest number 17 in the Intermountain Region of the U.S. Forest Service. The next number is the Ranger District or the Forest Supervisor's Office. The third number is the function with 0 and 1 indicating the Forest Supervisor's or District Ranger's Primary staff, "0" for fire and "1" for the other functions. The other functions are then used in the fourth position and are a "2" for recreation, "4" for timber, "5" for resources, and "6" for administration. In the "0" category "2" indicates the fire management officer "3" through "5" are fire positions such as assistant fire management officers, the helitack supervisor, and battalion chiefs, and a "6" is the fuels management officer. The third position for people working under the Forest Supervisor or District Ranger's primary staff will have a number of 2 through 7 as follows: a 2 indicates recreation, a 3 indicates an engine, a 4 timber management (only on District 1, the only district with enough timber workload to have a timber staff), a 5 indicates resource management (timber on districts 2-5 and range management on all districts), a 6 is for administrative personnel, and a 7 is for patrols. The fourth number is the rank within the function.

So 7102 is the fire management officer on the Carson Ranger District, 7212 is the Recreation and Lands Officer on the Bridgeport Ranger District, 7315 is the Resource Officer on the Austin District, 7520 is the recreation supervisor on the Spring Mtn. NRA District, 7223 is a recreation technician on the Bridgeport Ranger District, 7431 is an engine on the Tonopah Ranger District, and 7171 is a fire prevention technician with a patrol engine with on the Carson Ranger District. 7000 is the Forest Supervisor, 7100 is the Carson District Ranger, 7002 is the Fire Management Officer for the entire Toiyabe National Forest, and 7006 is the Forest Fuels Management Officer.

Dispatch is called "Minden" and is located at the Minden Interagency Dispatch Center at the Minden Airport near Minden, NV. Other agencies in this center are the Carson City District of the Bureau of Land Management and the Western and Southern Regions of the Nevada Department of Forestry.


  • 2019 - Reports of 171.4750 changing to 173.7750 and 169.8750 changing to 170.5250
Channel # Rx Freq Rx Tone Tx Freq Tx Tone Description Confirmation/Re-Confirmation
01 171.4750 171.4750 Humboldt NF - Local - Direct
02 171.4750 172.2250 136.5 Humboldt NF - Spruce Mtn Repeater
03 171.4750 172.2250 146.2 Humboldt NF - John Hill Repeater
04 171.4750 172.2250 131.8 Humboldt NF - Deer Mtn Repeater
05 171.4750 172.2250 123.0 Humboldt NF - Meritt Mtn Repeater
06 169.8750 169.8750 Toiyabe NF - Local - Direct
07 169.8750 170.4750 123.0 Toiyabe NF - Bald/Peavine Repeaters
08 169.8750 170.4750 110.9 Toiyabe NF - Mahogany Repeater
09 169.8750 170.4750 136.5 Toiyabe NF - Brock Repeater
10 169.8750 170.4750 131.8 Toiyabe NF - Austin Repeater
11 169.8750 110.9 170.4750 146.2 Toiyabe NF - Angel/Lobdel Repeaters
12 169.8750 170.4750 156.7 Toiyabe NF - Bunkerhill Repeater
13 169.8750 170.4750 167.9 Toiyabe NF - Jefferson Repeater
14 162.5500 NWS 1
15 162.4000 NWS 2
16 168.6250 168.6250 110.9 USFS Airguard
172.2750 164.5000 103.5 Toiyabe NF - Leviathan Repeater 2018.08.25

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