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US Forest Service

Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, NV

Humboldt/Toiyabe National Forest

Forest Supervisor's Office and Ranger Districts:
 0 Forest Supervisor's Office in Sparks, Nevada
 1 Carson
 2 Bridgeport
 3 Austin
 4 Tonopah
 5 Spring Mountain National Recreation Area (Las Vegas)
 6 Mountain City
 7 Ruby Mountains 
 8 Jarbidge
 9 Ely
10 Santa Rosa (Winnemucca)
Note: The Austin and Tonopah Ranger Districts are administered as one ranger district
with offices in both towns. The Mountain City, Ruby Mountains and Jarbidge Ranger 
Districts are administered as a single ranger district with offices in Elko and Wells. 

Unit designators or ID's for personnel on the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest use a 4 number format. The first number is always a "7." The Toiyabe National Forest is #17 in the Intermountain Region (R4) of the U.S. Forest Service. A number to distinguish the forest from the 6 BLM districts was needed since the BLM and the Forest Service share use 5 interagency dispatch centers across the state. The 2nd number designates the Supervisor's Office or one of the 10 ranger districts. The 3rd number designates the function, with "1" for the Forest Supervisor's or District Ranger's primary staff, "2" for recreation units, "4" for resource units [range (grazing), timber, wildlife, watershed, soils], "7" for special uses and "8" for minerals management. The 4th or last digit signifies the person's rank in the function. Examples "7000" is the Forest Supervisor, "7100" is the District Ranger on the Carson Ranger District. "7212" is the primary staff officer or manager for the district ranger for recreation on the Bridgeport Ranger District. "7220" is the recreation field supervisor or assistant recreation manager on the Bridgeport District.

Fire management follows the national fire designator system. Chief 1 is the forest fire management officer (FMO) and Chief 2 being the assistant FMO. Division 3 would be the Austin Ranger District FMO. Battalion 21 would be the assistant FMO on the Bridgeport Ranger District. Engines ID as the Type #, ranger district and apparatus number on a particular ranger district. Example Engine 451 would be a Type 4 engine on the Spring Mountain NRA assigned to the Kyle Station. Patrols are all so called "wet patrols" with small capacity tank (usually 50-100 gallons) and pump units which qualify as Type 7 engines. Example, Patrol 722 is assigned to the south side of the Bridgeport Ranger District and Patrol 711 being assigned to the Carson Ranger District's Galena Station.

Dispatch is provided by 5 BLM, USFS, NDF interagency dispatch centers. The Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center ("Minden") provides services for the Carson and Bridgeport Ranger Districts. The Central Nevada Interagency Dispatch Center ("Winnemucca") provides services for the Austin, Tonopah and Santa Rosa Ranger Districts. The Las Vegas Interagency Communications Center (Las Vegas) provides services for the Spring Mountain NRA. The Elko Interagency Dispatch Center ("Elko") provides services for the Mountain City, Jarbidge and Ruby Mountain Ranger District. Finally the Ely Interagency Communications Center ("Ely") provides services for the Ely Ranger District.


Rx Freq Tx Freq Net Confirmation/Re-Confirmation
173.7750 165.7500 Carson City RD and Austin/Tonopah RD Repeater Nets Carson Net 5-24-22
172.2750 164.5000 Markleeville Lightning (Leviathan Pk. only) (see note below) and Spring Mtn. NRA Repeater Nets
170.5250 164.1875 Bridgeport RD and Santa Rosa RD Nets Bridgeport Net 10-27-22
169.9000 164.1375 Mountain City RD, Ruby Mtns. RD, Jarbidge RD, Ely RD Repeater Nets

Note: Used as an alternate command/dispatch net during multiple lightning starts and extended attack on large fires in the eastern Alpine County area.

Repeaters (Forest-wide including those in California and Nevada)

Carson Ranger District - District 1 Net

Tone 1 110.9 Slide Mtn. (on Tahoe Rim south of Mt. Rose Highway)
Tone 2 123.0 Peavine (low mountain northwest of Reno)
Tone 3 131.8 Hawkins (upper west fork of the Carson River)
Tone 4 136.5 Rawe (in the Pinenuts)
Tone 5 146.2 Job's (just south of Heavenly Ski Area)
Tone 9 100.0 McClellan (northeast of Carson City)

Markleeville Lightning Net

Tone 8 103.8 Leviathan (next to Highway 89 near Alpine - Mono County line)

Bridgeport Ranger District - District 2 Net

Tone 1 110.9 Sweetwater Electronic Site (near U.S. 395 - Highway 108 junction)
Tone 2 123.0 Masonic (northeast of Bridgeport)
Tone 5 146.2 Lobdell (Pinegrove Electronic Site) (southwest of Yerington)
Tone 6 156.7 Mean Peak (north of the Mountain Warfare Training Center)
Tone 7 167.9 Corey Peak Electronic Site (west of Hawthorne)

Austin Ranger District and Tonopah Ranger District - Districts 3 and 4 Net

Tone 4  136.5 Brock (southwest of the town of Tonopah)
Tone 6  156.7 Bunker (in the north Toiyabe Range south of Austin)
Tone 7  167.9 Jefferson (south end of the Toquima Range)
Tone 11 114.8 Mahogany (south end of the Toiyabe Range)
Tone 12 127.3 Bald (north end of the Monitor Range, southwest of Eureka) 
Tone 13 141.3 Austin (near the town of Austin)

Spring Mountains National Recreation Area - District 5 Net

Tone 2 123.0 Potosi (in the southern portion of the Spring Mountain)
Tone 5 146.2 Angel (located east of the Spring Mountains crest between Lee and Kyle Canyons)
Tone 6 156.7 Charleston (on top of the highest point in the Spring Mountains)

Mountain City Ranger District (RD), Ruby Mtns. RD, Jarbidge RD and Ely RD - Districts 6, 7, 8 ,9

Tone 1  110.9 Verdi (south of Elko)
Tone 2  123.0 Merritt (north of Mountain City)
Tone 3  131.8 Deer (near Jarbidge)
Tone 4  136.5 Spruce (northeast of Currie)
Tone 5  146.2 Johns Hill (northwest of Ely)
Tone 6  156.7 Hummingbird (east of Jarbidge)
Tone 6  156.7 Cave (southeast of Ely)
Tone 7  167.9 Worthington (Grant Range, south of Currant)
Tone 8  103.8 Hamilton (west of Ely) 
Tone 15 162.2 Saxton - Remote Base, simplex access (just west of Ely) 

Santa Rosa Ranger District - District 10

Tone 1 110.9 Buckskin (northern Santa Rosa Range)
Tone 2 123.0 Hinkey (southern Santa Rosa Range)

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