US Forest Service - Roosevelt National Forest (CO)

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The Roosevelt National Forest comprises 813,799 acres spread primarily across Boulder and Larimer counties in Northern Colorado. The forest is split into two ranger districts, the Boulder Ranger District, headquartered in Boulder, and the Canyon Lakes Ranger District, headquartered in Fort Collins. The Pawnee National Grassland to the east comprises 193,060 acres in Weld County and is managed jointly with the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests. Operations on the Pawnee National Grassland are overseen by the Pawnee Ranger District headquartered in Ault.

Radio Frequencies

The forest relies upon the combined Arapaho, Roosevelt, Pawnee (ARP) radio network for communications. This radio network is a product of the combined management of the Arapaho National Forest (in Clear Creek, Gilpin, and Grand counties), the Roosevelt National Forest, and the Pawnee National Grasslands (in Weld County). Previously, the radio networks for these forests were divided into two separate systems: the Roosevelt Net (which also served Pawnee) and the Arapaho Net. The 2016 NITA federal re-banding mandate resulted in additional improvements to these networks, causing them to be consolidated into a single network divided into three geographical areas: North, for Roosevelt and Pawnee operations, South, for Arapaho operations on the Clear Creek Ranger District, and West, for Arapaho operations on the Sulphur Ranger District.

Dispatching and resource tracking on the Roosevelt National Forest, and on the Pawnee National Grassland, is handled through the Fort Collins Interagency Dispatch Center.

ARP (Arapaho, Roosevelt, Pawnee) North Zone Repeater Network

  • The North Net of the Arapaho, Roosevelt, Pawnee (ARP) radio system serves the Roosevelt National Forest and the Pawnee National Grassland.
  • "Tone #" refers to the National Standard Tone Numbering System used by the USFS, BLM, and other land management agencies and is only applicable to TX tones.
  • The North Net does not use any tones on output.
CH TONE # RX FREQ RX TONE TX FREQ TX TONE Description Ranger District County Confirmation
North Direct 0 169.1750 CSQ 169.1750 CSQ ARP North Direct Canyon Lakes / Boulder Larimer / Boulder 2021.09
Deadman 1 169.1750 CSQ 164.1000 110.9 Deadman Mountain Repeater Canyon Lakes Larimer 2021.10
Buckhorn 2 169.1750 CSQ 164.1000 123.0 Buckhorn Mountain Repeater Canyon Lakes Larimer 2022.05
Twin Sisters 3 169.1750 CSQ 164.1000 131.8 Twin Sisters Peak Repeater Canyon Lakes / Boulder Larimer 2022.05
Thorodin 4 169.1750 CSQ 164.1000 136.5 Thorodin Mountain Repeater Boulder / Clear Creek Jefferson 2022.05
Jelm Mountain 5 169.1750 CSQ 164.1000 146.2 Jelm Mountain Repeater (Co-located w/ Medicine Bow NF Jelm Mtn Repeater) Canyon Lakes Albany County, WY
Reno Hill 7 169.1750 CSQ 164.1000 167.9 Reno Hill Repeater Pawnee Weld 2021.09
Gunbarrel 8 169.1750 CSQ 164.1000 103.5 Gunbarrel Hill Repeater Boulder Boulder 2022.05
Mesa 14 169.1750 CSQ 164.1000 151.4 Mesa Hill Repeater Pawnee Weld
6 169.1750 CSQ 164.1000 156.7 Portable Repeater (Incident Specific) (Incident Specific) 2020.12

Intra-Crew, Work, & Tactical Frequencies

  • General use work channels/frequencies are generally restricted to low power use in handhelds for the purpose of intra-crew communications. These frequencies are part of a shared NITA Itinerant/Common Use pool (see: Federal Government Itinerant) and not reserved for use by any one specific user/agency.
  • On extended attack incidents, frequencies from the National Incident Radio Support Cache pool are likely to be assigned.
  • Local/initial attack incidents may be assigned frequencies from the VHF portion of the NIFOG Interoperability pool (see: Common Public Safety#VHF High Band) to allow for direct coordination with local resources.
CH RX FREQ RX TONE TX FREQ TX TONE Description Notes Confirmation
ARP WORK 168.7250 168.7250 Arapahoe, Roosevelt, Pawnee Work Net / Type III Logistics Net Exclusive assignment for ARP. Forest-wide simplex for intra-crew work/tactical use. Assigned for use as Logistics Net on Type III incidents.
WORK 1 163.7125 163.7125 (Varies) General Use Intra-Crew/Work Ch 1 Gov't Common 1, handheld use only. National Travel Net, IHC, and Intra-Crew frequency.
WORK 2 168.6125 168.6125 (Varies) General Use Intra-Crew/Work Ch 2 / Type III TAC-3 Gov't Common 3, handheld use only. Secondary IHC and Intra-Crew frequency. Assigned for use as TAC-3 on Type III incidents.
FIRETAC 166.5625 166.5625 Arapahoe, Roosevelt, Pawnee Fire TAC / Type III TAC-1 Exclusive assignment for ARP. Initial Attack Tactical/Type III TAC-1. Previously used as "ROOS WORK" Channel. 2021.08 (signal too weak to capture tone, if any)
R2 TAC-1 168.6750 168.6750 USFS Region 2 Tactical 1 Regional Type III Tactical. Has been used by ARP in the past, unknown if still used or authorized.
R2 TAC-2 168.7750 168.7750 USFS Region 2 Tactical 2 / Type III TAC-2 Regional Type III Tactical. Has been used by ARP in the past, unknown if still used or authorized.
FTC SOA 169.9500 CSQ 165.2250 107.2 "Scene-of-Action" Command Repeater Portable Incident Command Repeater available for use on Type III incidents from Fort Collins Interagency Dispatch.

Air Operations

CH RX FREQ RX TONE TX FREQ TX TONE Description Notes Confirmation
"National" 168.6500 110.9 168.6500 110.9 National Flight Following Nationwide Flight Following Frequency. Appears in many radios as "NTL FLTF." Generally referred to on air as "National." 2022.05 (in use daily with both PBC and FTC dispatch)
"Air Guard" 168.6250 110.9 168.6250 110.9 National Air Emergency Nationwide Aircraft Emergency Frequency. Continuous monitoring of this frequency is required of all tactical aircraft and dispatch offices. Reserved for emergency air-to-air or air-to-ground communications, but may be used for initial contact if no other frequencies are available. Often appears as Channel 14 or 16 in portable radios (whichever is the last channel in the radio) to allow crews to quickly switch to it.
"Air-Ground 9" 166.9125 CSQ 166.9125 CSQ Colorado Zone 06 Primary Air-Ground Primary Air-Ground frequency for Fort Collins Dispatch Zone (Colorado Initial Attack Zone 06). National Air-Ground System Channel 9. Has been seen programmed as "CO06AG09" or "A/G 9" in some radios. 2021.09
"Air-Ground 58" 169.0875 CSQ 169.0875 CSQ Colorado Zone 06 Secondary Air-Ground Secondary Air-Ground frequency for Fort Collins Dispatch Zone (Colorado Initial Attack Zone 06). National Air-Ground System Channel 58. Has been seen programmed as "CO06AG58" or "A/G 58" in some radios.