Uintah County (UT)

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  • Uintah County was named for the Ute Indians, the tribe that lives in that area of the state.


Utah State Agency Radio Call Signs

  • 1N (1 November) Uintah County
    • 2N Vernal
    • 3N Naples

Vernal dispatches 911 for all of the Uintah Basin which includes, Uintah County and Duchesne County with the exception of the Ute Indian Tribe and Bureau of Indian Affairs which have their own dispatch center for non 911 calls. It also dispatches Daggett County.

NOTE: Although the State assigns radio call signs, the local dispatch offices are free to use less cumbersome call signs (See below).

Uintah County Dispatch Codes

  • Sierra = Uintah County SO
  • Whiskey = Vernal City PD
  • Victor = Naples City PD
  • Yankee = Uintah County Animal Control
  • FB = FBI (Vernal)

Uintah County Fire Departments

  • Fire 1 = Vernal Fire Chief
  • Fire 400 = Uintah County Fire Marshall
  • Fire 600 Units = Avalon Fire Department (Randalett)
  • Fire 700 Units = Lapoint Fire Department
  • Fire 800 Units = Naples Fire Department
  • Fire 900 Units = Jensen Fire & First Responders
  • Uintah County Engines Identify by Engine type (Example: Brush 60 Avalon Brush Truck)
  • Ladder 1 & Ladder 2 Vernal City/Uintah County Fire Department

Uintah County EMS

  • 1N500 Units = Gold Cross Ambulance (Vernal & Uintah County)
  • 7B500 Units = Ute Tribe Ambulance
  • DG&T100 = Deseret Generation and Transmission Ambulance (Bonanaza Power Plant)
  • Medic = Uintah Basin Medical Center Paramedics (Covering Duchesne and Western Uintah Counties)
  • ARMC = Ashley Regional Medical Center (Vernal)

Conventional Frequencies

Uintah County

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
460.55000  465.55000   KMA243   RM  114.8 PL  Uintah EMS Gold Cross Ambulance  FM  EMS-Talk 
155.53500  158.88000   WQDX613   RM    Uintah Jail Correctional Facility  FM  Law Talk 
155.05500  151.23500   WPDS897   RM  114.8 PL  UintaBasnEMS Uinta Basin EMS (Little Mtn)  FMN  Hospital 
453.85000  458.85000   WNQW433   RM  173.8 PL  Uintah Serv. Services  FM  Public Works 
156.10500  159.10500   WPNP950   RM  136.5 PL  Uintah SAR Search and Rescue  FM  Law Talk 
453.12500  458.12500   WQBI568   RM  152 DPL  Uintah Water Water Conservation  FM  Public Works 
152.00750      WPDQ272   CSQ  Uintah Page Paging (Little Mtn)  FM  Multi-Dispatch 
155.67000  151.46750   KRI629   RM  179.9 PL  Uintah Law Sheriff and Vernal/Naples police (shared with UHP)  FM  Law Dispatch 
463.47500  468.47500   WPZR914   RM  127.3 PL  Uintah Schools Uintah School District  FM  Schools 


Frequency  License  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.64000  WXR249   BM  Vernal PD Police  FM  Law Dispatch 

Ute Indian Tribe

Frequency  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.41500  Ft.Duches PD Police  FM  Law Dispatch 

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