Unidentified Frequencies

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This page is for unidentified frequencies heard in Hillsborough County. Please feel free to update this table:

-Add unidentified frequencies (after checking in the Database)
-For ID's, add ID to the last row, and then add to database 

As well as any other information regarding these frequencies.

Frequency Voice?, Protocol, info ID
452.39375 Voice, Cap+, Site 5, No
463.9375 Voice, site 1, cap+ DCC:1, RAS NL:2, 4 No
461.05 Voice, DMR, DCC:4 No
457.5125 Voice, FM analog No
461.675 No Voice, site:1, cap+, DCC:2 No
463.2875 No Voice, site 2, cap+, DCC: 4 No
452.350 No Voice, Site:3, DCC:7, NL:2,4 Cap+ No
461.9875 No voice, site:2, DCC: 7, NL:1,3,4 No
Frequency Voice, protocol, info No
Frequency Voice, protocol, info No

To get site, protocol, DCC, etc, use DSDPlus.