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10 Codes

UMAB Police use the Baltimore City 10-codes with only slight differences: 10-18 & 19 are reversed from and are show below.

  • 10-18 call ______
  • 10-19 go to district station
  • 10-77 is a P.R. Break
  • 10-44 is a Lunch Break
  • 10-40 is an Escort

Unit IDs

  • Police and security operate on the same channel.
  • Security units always have a 9 in front of their badge number (for example, a security officer's number is always 921 or 925)
  • Police use their badge number with the shift number they are on.
  • 10x6 Shift 1
  • 6x2 Shift 2
  • 2x10 Shift 3
  • Depending which shift they are on, police are 121 or 221 or you may hear just the badge number without the shift.

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