Updating the Master Database in Sentinel

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To update the master database in Sentinel, click "Update", then "Update Master HPDB". It will either tell you there's no update available, or it will proceed to update the database. It will tell you when the update is complete. Note that at this point you have updated ONLY the master database in Sentinel, NOT your radio. Once the database is up to date, do the following:

  1. Plug the cable into the scanner USB port and the PC.
  2. Power up the radio and put it in "Mass Storage Mode".
  3. In Sentinel, read the data from the radio. Click "Scanner", then "Read from Scanner", then "OK". Assuming your cable works and is connected properly, the SD card in the scanner should already be highlighted and you should be able to just click "OK" to start the process. This will read all your current data from the scanner into Sentinel. Don't worry, it won't overwrite the master database update you just did.
  4. In Sentinel, click "Scanner", then "Write to Scanner". In the "Write option" area, select "Force Write Full Database". This will ensure that the update will put the updated data from the master database into the scanner. Then click "OK". Wait while it writes all the data to the scanner. This can take a few minutes, so be patient. Once complete, use the Windows "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" option BEFORE removing the cable from or turning off the scanner. Once Windows tells you it's OK to remove the cable, remove it from the radio. The radio will reboot and you now have the latest and greatest data from the RR master database installed in the radio.

thanks Dsaloman

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