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Welcome to the Wiki site where Uniden HomePatrol HP-1 Favorites List "hpe" files can be posted and shared to be used within the Uniden Sentinel Software. A very common question, particularly for newcomers, is how do I import and export "hpe" favorites lists within Sentinel? The Files here are zipped up in a compressed ".zip" format. Before they can be used, you must uncompress them using a utility like WinZip.

Additional links are encouraged. Please follow the format as shown and keep it in alphabetic order to allow folks to find things more easily. Yahoo groups for specific scanners should not be added here, as they already exist elsewhere on this wiki.

National or Multiple Regions Files

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Region Specific Files

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State Specific Files


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Yahoo Groups

NOTE: You generally have to join the group to get access to the files area. Also check the applicable Yahoo group(s) for your state. These links can be found in the collaboration area

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