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Chattanooga Medcomm

Chattanooga Medcomm, located at Erlanger Medical Center in downtown Chattanooga, provides medical control for the ambulance-hospital talkgroups and the H.E.A.R. system in the Chattanooga area.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
18992  4a3  Medcomm 1  Medcomm 1 
19248  4b3  MC Erlanger  Erlanger Medical Center 
19280  4b5  MC Erl North  Erlanger North Hospital 
19312  4b7  MC Memorial  Memorial Hospital 
19344  4b9  MC North Pk  Memorial North Park Hospital 
19376  4bb  MC Parkridge  Parkridge Hospital 
19408  4bd  MC Pkrg East  Parkridge East Hospital 
19440  4bf  MC Childrens  T.C. Thompson Children\'s Hospital 
20144  4eb  Medcomm 2  Medcomm 2 (Medical Control)