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Please help this wiki. Here are some things you can do:

  • Provide information (at least TX frequencies, RX frequencies, and power output) for any radios without that information. See Kenwood_Radios, Yaesu_Radios, Alinco_Radios, etc. Use only authoritative data, such as the information provided on the manufacturer's web site or in the owner's manual.
  • Verify that existing information on any page is correct, and fix it if it's wrong.
  • Provide pictures, links, owner's manuals, etc for any radios.
  • Don't make statements relative to "now". Absolute time is okay. For example, "recently discontinued" will not be accurate in a year or two. "Discontinued in March, 2007" doesn't require an additional edit to the page to correct "recently discontinued."
  • Don't duplicate information on multiple pages. For example, if a radio has a feature, make a page for that feature and link to the page instead of describing the feature directly on the page (see AGC and "what links to" AGC).
  • Always add a "Summary" of the change you are making!