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Using Google Earth to view Raleigh Police Department Districts/Beats

Google Earth can now be used to view every Raleigh PD Beat & District. It is Very easy to setup:

  1. Go to Google Earth and download Google Earth and install it for your operating system. It is available for most operating systems.
  1. Download this zip file from

and download both the "New Beats.kml" and "New District.kml" files. Make sure you save the above files with the ".kml" extension. Also make sure you know where on your computer you have saved them. :)

  1. Start up Google Earth and Select "File" then "Open" as shown below:


  1. Select both ".kml" files you just saved a few minutes ago.

If successful you should see the new beats/districts in the places column on the left hand side: [IMG]2places.JPG[/IMG]

And you should be able to click on them and see something like the following: [IMG]3citywide.JPG[/IMG]

You now have the ability to zoom in to street level and out and click on individual Beats/Districts and see which beats cover which areas.