Vertex Standard VX-160

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Vertex Standard VX-160

Vertex Standard VX-160 Product Page

Model VX-160

The Vertex Standard VX-160 is similar to the VX-180 but without an LCD display and front panel programmable soft keys, allowing less programmable options. It is available in VHF high band (VX-160V) and UHF (VX-160U) models. This radio is programmed with the Vertex CE44 software and CT-42A programming cable. Some generic cables may also work; buy generic at your own risk. It is recommended that you run the CE44 software on an older PC that can be dedicated to radio programming. The author uses a Pentium 75 MHz IBM PC running IBM PC DOS 6.3 to program the VX-180.

Programming of the VX-160U(D) with 70cm amateur frequencies should be possible, as it is with the VX-180U(D).


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