Wake Forest Baptist Medical (NEXEDGE) System Information

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This system is replacing the old LTR 800 MHz TRS at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. This system serves the triad-area Wake Forest Baptist hospitals.

This system uses the 9600 baud flavor of NEXEDGE with NXDN digital voice.

Site Locations

  • 001 - Atop Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center - Forsyth County
  • 002 - Atop the former GMAC Building - Forsyth County
  • 003 - Atop Davie Medical Center - Davie County
  • 004 - Atop Lexington Medical Center - Davidson County
  • 005 - Atop Wilkes Medical Center - Wilkes County
  • 006 - Atop High Point Regional Medical Center - Guilford County

System Notes

  • Sites 3, 4, and 5 are single-frequency sites behaving as both a control channel and voice channel. The Davie Medical Center site is licensed a second frequency which was being used at one time, but is now currently inactive.
  • Site 1 and 2 simulcast the same traffic. You will hear the same traffic on both sites.
  • Traffic for each hospital stays on its local site(s). For example, Davie Medical Center traffic is only carried on site 3.
  • Site 6 may not yet be fully mapped. Information on voice channels would be greatly appreciated.
  • SunStates security provides security for Innovation Quarter in downtown Winston-Salem. Their traffic is carried on TG 18.
  • LCNs are sequential for each site (i.e. the lowest voice frequency on site 1 will have the lowest LCN -- in this case that is LCN 1 -- and the highest voice frequency on the highest-numbered site -- site 6 -- should have the highest LCN).

System Coverage

The following is a rough approximation of system coverage. Be aware, that this is not an official map, but merely a user-gennerated approximation that is somewhat generous. Your actual results may vary.

Approximate System Coverage