Walker County (AL)

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Walker County Fire Department

The Walker County Fire department's main frequency is 159.39, due to the terrain of the county, there are multiple repeater inputs around the county Output: 159.39 PL: 167.9 Low Beep: 179.9 North? High Beep: 167.9 South? Carrier (no Beep): 156.7 West?

On occasion, the Repeater will identify, First, you will hear Plectron tones, then a voice will play "WQQG392" it will be followed by either "North, West, or South" The matching courtesy tone will follow at the end of the transmission.

Walker County Fire Departments Quick Call

Almost all fire departments covered by county dispatch use 787.0 as a B tone for county-wide paging, just the B tone is sent out.

Curry Fire: 466 787

Argo Fire: 349 787

Jasper FD (on County Fire Freq) 538 788

Jasper Fire

Jasper Fire was previously dispatched over Walker County's fire frequency, and would switch to their frequency for response, but it appears now that all paging and communications take place on the Jasper Fire frequency.

Jasper Police

Jasper Police uses P25 on their frequency now, but the analog side is still active Output: 155.55 PL: 110.9 Input: 153.92 PL: 103.5