Walker County (TX)

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Unit IDs

  • 801-810 Walker County Sheriff Administration/Supervisors
  • 811-819 Walker County Sheriff Investigators
  • 820-835 Walker County Sheriff Patrol Deputies
  • 2530-2537 Texas DPS Troopers (2503 is sergeant)
  • 1xx Sam Houston State University Police
  • 2xx Huntsville Police (IDs are in no particular order; their unit ID is their badge number)
  • 3xx Pine Prairie VFD
  • 4xx Crabbs Prairie VFD
  • 5xx Riverside VFD
  • 6xx Huntsville FD (620 is always first truck paged out)
  • 33xx Huntsville/Walker County EMS (units are 3301, 3302, 3303, 3306; 3310 is supervisor)
  • 52xx Dodge VFD
  • PCXX SHSU Foot Patrol (These are students employed by the SHSU PD and operate on the SHSU VHF foot patrol frequency)

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