Waller County (TX) Law Enforcement Unit IDs

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The 12XX units are WCSO Deputies. 1200 is the Sheriff and 1201 is the Chief Deputy. The rest of them are investigators, sergeants, and patrol deputies. 1XX units are Hempstead Police Officers, 100 is the Chief of Police.

2xx units are Waller Police Officers and 200 is the Chief of Police in Waller.

The 8XX units are from Pairie View PD. There is currently no Chief of Police in P.V..

Finally, there are several other units that do not fall into this mold, they are; DPS, which are 2540, 2541, 2542, 2543, 2544, 2546, and 2547. These troopers also work in Grimes county. There are also 13XX units which are reserve constables. From time to time you will also hear 7xx units which are from Brookshire.

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