Warren County (IL)

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Warren County Government

Departments paged on 155.085 (131.8): Little York FPD, Warren Co Ambulance, Central Warren FPD Departments paged on 158.820 (131.8): Roesville EMS Departments paged on 158.820 (88.5): Roesville Fire, Roesville Rescue, Smitshire Fire, Swan Creek Fire

Municipalities and Districts

    	[1] Central Warren County Fire Protection District	
     	[99] Alexis	

Alexis Fire Protection District

     	[99] Kirkwood

Fire coverage: Central Warren Co Fire Protection District

     	[99] Little York	

Little York Fire Protection District. Paged and respond on 155.085

     	[99] Monmouth

KD25731 - Mobiles on 153.965, new 151.4225 (NFM) associated with KRV239 (new input to repeater?)

     	[99] Roseville	

Roseville Fire Protection District (RSP&E FPD) paged on 158.820 (88.5). Roseville EMS paged on 158.820 (131.8)

     	[99] Sumner Township	

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

  	[99] Alexis-North Henderson Ambulance Service	

Serves Aledo, Galesburg, Abingdon (Knox, Mercer, Warren, Fulton, Henderson)

     	[99] Galesburg Hospital Ambulance Service	
     	[99] OSF St Francis / Holy Family Medical Center (Monmouth)
  • WPGM684 - 159.1275 Repeater with 155.3175 for Emergency Ops (NFM)
     	[99] Roseville Area Ambulance Service
  • Pease confirm if 155.175 is 94.8 PL. It has been confirmed as Canton School Buses in Fulton County (1/15/15)
  • 158.82 131.8 Roseville Ambulance/Fire Rescue 1 (paging) (9/17)

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones

Fire/EMS Pager Tones

Schools and Colleges

[99] Alexis Community Unit School District 400

     	[99] Monmouth-Roseville School District 238	
     	[99] United Community Unit School District 304 (Alexis)	
     	[99] Yorkwood Community Unit School District 225 (Little York/Monmouth)	
     	[100] Monmouth College (Monmouth)

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