Warren County (NY) Public Safety

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Warren County Public Safety Radio Identifiers
Fire, EMS, & Police radio IDs are 3-digit numbers.  The first digit identifies 
the type of vehicle.  
For fire and EMS the second and third digit identifies the station the 
unit is from. For the sheriff's 
department the second digit identifies the if the unit is a detail 
unit, administrative, or patrol.

Public Safety Radio Prefixes:
1## Utility (U), Rescue (R), Brush Unit (B)
2## Fire Chief (Car), 
3## Engine (E), Engine Tanker (ET, ETA), some county Chiefs, all out of county chiefs
4## Tanker (T, TA), Some county Engines, all out of county Engines
5## Sheriff Patrol, Some county Tankers, all out of county Tankers
6## EMS Officer (EMS Car)
7## Ambulance (A), MCI Unit (MCI), Out of County EMS Officer
8## Medic Unit (M), Out of County Ambulance
9## Out of County Medic Unit, Glens Falls City Police For non-city communications 

Some Warren County Departments have identifiers that would otherwise be assigned 
to an out of county department

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