Washington County (OR) Fire Stations/Units

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Hillsboro Fire & Rescue

Station 1 (Hillsboro Main) – E01, WT01
Station 2 (Witch Hazel) – E02, BR02
Station 3 (Ronler Acres) – E03, BR03, TR03, 112
Station 5 (Jones Farm) – E05, T05, MED05, C1
Station 6 (Cherry Lane) – E06, E104, RHB104

(Medic 5 is the former Rescue 3. It changed names since it is a licensed fire ambulance and can now transport patients during low ambulance levels like other departments. It will move to Station 5 after crews have trained on its new use)

Washington County Fire District #2

Refer to Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue Contract Stations

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue (TVF&R)

-Units with an asterik (*) are alternate units, and may respond in place of one another based on call type.
-300 Series units are volunteer staffed (ex E362).
-TVF&R now provides contract services to Washington County Fire District #2 and Newberg Fire, their station/units are under Contract Stations.

North Battalion

Station 60 (Cornell) – E60, LB60
Station 61 (Cedar Hills) – SQT61, CAR61
Station 62 (Aloha) – SQT62, E92, MED62, LB62
Station 64 (Rock Creek/Somerset) – E64, CAR64, HB64
Station 65 (West Slope) – E65, CAR65, WT65A, WT65B
Station 66 (Brockman RD) – E66, CAR66
Station 67 (Beaverton Main) – E67, T67, MED67, C5
Station 68 (Kaiser RD/Oak Hills) – E68
Station 70 (Raleigh Hills) - MED70
Station 372 (Skyline) – E372, HB372, V372

Central Battalion

Station 33 (Sherwood) – E33, LB33, RHB333, V333
Station 35 (King City) – E35, MED35, WT35A, WT35B
Station 50 (Walnut ST) – E50, SQD350, RHB350, V350
Station 51 (Tigard) – HR51*, T51, CAR51, E51*, TR51
Station 53 (Progress) – E53, MED53, HM53
Station 69 (Cooper Mtn.) – E69, HB69

South Battalion

Station 34 (Tualatin) – E34, HM34, CAR34, WT34A, WT34B, C6
Station 52 (Wilsonville) – E52, MED52, LB52, HS52
Station 56 (Elligsen RD) – T56*, E56*
Station 57 (Mountain RD) – E57, HB57
Station 58 (Bolton) – E58, HB58
Station 59 (Willamette) – E59, MED59, WR59, BOAT59*, Zodiac 59*

Contract Stations

NOTES: TVF&R now contracts services to Washington County Fire District #2(WCFD2) and Newberg Fire/EMS.

Station 17 (North Plains/WCFD2) - E17, E317, LB17, WT17
Station 19 (Midway/WCFD2) - E19, E319, LB19, WT19
Station 20 (Newberg Main/Newberg Fire) - T20*, E20*, MED20, C7, LB20, WT20A, WT20B
Station 21 (Springbrook/Newberg Fire) - E21, MED21, LB21, WR21, E321

Forest Grove Fire & Rescue (FGF&R)

Station 4 (Main) – E421, E422, E423, MED4, T4, BR418, HB4, WT4, WT7, BOAT4, TR4
Station 7 (Gales Creek) – E427, BR417

Cornelius Fire Department

Station 8 – E813, E814, E815, R8, BR816, HB8, WT8, CAS8

Banks Fire District

Station 13 (Banks) – E13, E14, R13 or HR13, BR13, BR14, WT13, WT14
Station 15 (Timber) – E15
Station 16 (Buxton) – E16 or BE16

Gaston Fire District

Station 11 – E1171, E1172, MED11, BR1122, HB11, WT11, BOAT11

Dundee Fire Department

Dundee Fire is now dispatched by WCCCA after the TVF&R/Newberg contract occurred. The Newberg dispatch center only handles Newberg/Dundee Police incidents now and forwards all fire/EMS incidents in the Dundee area to WCCCA.

Station 3 - E30, E31, E32, R3, BR37, BR39, WT3, C3

Oregon Department of Forestry - Forest Grove District

NOTE: The units 431, 432 & 437 are the "chief officers" for this ODF area. The crews (433, 434, 435) are two or three person teams (one fire officer and the others are firefighters) and use Type 5 (500 Gallon) forestry engines. Fire officers (436, 438, 439) are usually solo and use a Type 6 (300 Gallon) forestry engine. The geographical area they patrol is Washington and Yamhill counties and portions of Tillamook, Columbia, Clatsop and Multnomah counties.

North - 438, 434
Central - 436, 435
South - 439, 433

Protection Unit Forester - 431
Protection Supervisor - 432
Permanent Fire Officer - 437
Reserve Type VI Engine - 441
They also utilize a water tender, it is known as WT499

Out of County Common Mutual Aid Units

Portland Fire Bureau

Engines - PE16, PE4, PE27, PE22, PE3, PE5, PE18
Trucks - PT4, PT22, PT3
Brush Rigs - PBR16, PBR27, PBR22
Chief – PC1

Clackamas County Departments

Lake Oswego Fire Department

Station 210 (Westlake) – E210, BR210
Station 211 (Jean Road) – T211
Station 212 (South Shore) – E212, BR212, BOAT212
Station 214 (Main) – E214, DR214, *MED214, BC213

  • Not licensed for transport per Oregon Health Authority

Clackamas County Fire District #1

As CCOM and WCCCA have combined CAD resources, units are now listed without the CC - this has created some confusion for dispatchers on both ends as E16 exists in both jurisdictions (hence Banks' BE16)
T15, E16, E9, BC3

Yamhill County Departments

Newberg Fire Department

Refer to Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue Contract Stations

Yamhill Fire Protection District

Yamhill units in WCCCA CAD begin with Y (ex. Engine 41 is YE41, Engine 42 is YE42)
E4, E41, E42, E43, BR4, BR41, BR44, R4, WT4, C4

Carlton Fire District

Carlton units in WCCCA CAD begin with CT (ex. Engine 72 is CTE72)
E72, E73, BR7, BR71, R7, WT76

Marion County Departments

Aurora Rural Fire Protection District #63

AUE914, AUE915, AUBR918 AUR903, AWT909, DWT929, DNE924, DNE926, AUE927
(Some units may be listed with a DN instead of AU since Aurora covers the city of Donald)

Clatsop County Departments

Elsie-Vinemaple Rural Fire Protection District #11

EVMWT, EVME (Water tender and engine, respectively - No unit numbers were assigned when these were used in WCCCA's CAD)

Columbia County

Scappoose Fire District

SCB436, SCE436, SCW431, SCW435

Vernonia Rural Fire District

VE451 | VWT452 (listed as E452 within Columbia County)

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