Watertown, City of (WI)

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Watertown Radio Codes

The City of Watertown uses the Expanded APCO 10 Codes for most of it's radio traffic, however for some things they use a 15-code listed below.

Code Description
15-2 Meeting
15-3 Unsecured Entrance
15-8 ?
15-9 ?
15-10 ?
15-11 At PD Paperwork
15-12 Lunch
15-15 Refueling
15-17 Request to enter PD

Sugested Scanning

City TRS

On the Watertown Public Services TRS

Talkgroup Usage
04-021 Police Dispatch
04-023 Police TAC
04-041 Fire Dispatch


Frequency Tone Usage
153.830 69.3 PL FGRED - large fires