Waukesha County (WI) Unit Numbering

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Unit Numbering

Waukesha County Communications Dispatch Areas
The Police Departments that WCC Dispatches for are set up into 5 areas.
Each area is assigned two talkgroups, one talkgroup being used for
dispatch and the other for operations.

Area 1
City of Brookfield
Town of Brookfield

Area 2 
City of New Berlin

Area 3 
Town of Oconomowoc 
Village of Oconomowoc Lake 
City of Oconomowoc
City of Delafield 
Village of Chenequa 
Village of Hartland
Village of Summit 
Village of Pewaukee

Area 4
WSD General units
WSD Detectives
WSD Contract Cars
Village of Big Bend
Village of Eagle 
Village of Nashotah
Village of North Prairie 
WSD I94 and I43	

Area 5
Village of Menomonee Falls
Village of Butler

WCC Unit Numbering	
Police Departments are numbered with a letter (which represents agency)
and then three numbers (which represents unit).	
Identifier	Agency
Adam	Village of Nashotah Police
Bravo	City of Brookfield Police
Charlie	Village of Chenequa Police
David	City of Delafield Police
Echo    City of New Berlin Police
Falls   Village of Menomonee Falls Police
George	Village of Eagle Police
Henry	Village of Hartland Police
John	Village of Oconomowoc Lake Police
King	Town of Brookfield Police
Mike	Town of Mukwanago Police(Future) Dispatched by Village of Mukwonago on VHF
Nora	Village of North Prairie Police
Ocean	Town of Oconomowoc Police
Robert  Village of Big Bend Police 
Sam	Village of Summit Police (patrols Village of Dousman also)
Tango	Village of Butler Police
Victor  City of Oconomowoc Police
X-ray	Village of Pewaukee Police
Young   Village of Lannon Police
9xxx's	Waukesha County Sheriff's Department

91xx's First Shift Patrol (7:00am to 3:00pm)	
9101 Northwest Patrol	
9102 North-Center Patrol	
9103 Northeast Patrol	
9104 Northeast Center (I-94 Patrol)	
9105 Southeast Patrol	
9106 Southeast Center Patrol	
9107 Southwest Patrol	
9108 South-Center Patrol	
9117 Sussex Contract Squad	
9118 Sussex Contract Squad	
9120 Roving Squad	
9121 Roving Squad	
9122 Roving Squad	
9123 Roving Squad	
9124 Roving Squad	
9125 Roving Squad	
9126 Roving Squad	
9127 Roving Squad	
9128 Roving Squad	
9129 Roving Squad	
9150 Town of Lisbon Contract Squad
9160-9164 City of Pewaukee Squads 	

92xx's Second Shift Patrol (3:00pm to 11:00pm)	
9200 Sheriff's Department Desk	
9201 Northwest Patrol	
9203 Northeast Patrol	
9204 Northeast Center (I-94 Patrol)	
9205 Southeast Patrol	
9206 Southeast Roving Squad	
9207 Southwest Patrol	
9208 South-Center Patrol	
9209 Southwest Roving Squad
9212 Village of Vernon Contract Squad	
9217 Sussex Contract Squad	
9218 Sussex Contract Squad		
9220 Roving Squad	
9221 Roving Squad	
9222 Roving Squad	
9223 Roving Squad	
9224 Roving Squad	
9225 Roving Squad	
9226 Roving Squad	
9227 Roving Squad	
9228 Roving Squad	
9229 Roving Squad	
9230 Town of Merton Contract Squad	
9235 Village of Merton Contract Squad	
9243 Town of Delafield Contract Squad	
9244 Village of Waukesha Contract Squad	
9250 Town of Lisbon Contract Squad
9260-9264 City of Pewaukee Squads 	
93xx's Third Shift Patrol (11:00pm to 7:00am)	
9301 Northwest Patrol	
9302 North-Center Patrol	
9303 Northeast Patrol	
9304 Northeast Center (I-94 Patrol)
9305 Southeast Patrol	
9306 Southeast-Center Squad	
9307 Southwest Patrol	
9308 South-Center Patrol
9309 South-Central Rover	
9317 Sussex Contract Squad	
9318 Sussex Contract Squad
9321 Roving Squad	
9322 Roving Squad	
9323 Roving Squad	
9324 Roving Squad	
9325 Roving Squad	
9326 Roving Squad	
9327 Roving Squad	
9328 Roving Squad	
9329 Roving Squad
9350 Town of Lisbon Contract Squad
9360-9364 City of Pewaukee Squads 	
94xx's Investigations	
9400 - 9401 Detective Supervisors	
9410 - 9439 Detectives	
95xx's Special Units	
9500 County Sheriff	
9501 Inspector	
9502 Deputy Inspector	
9503 - 9526 Captains/Lieutenants	
9540 - 9549 Jail Transport / Conveyance Vans	
9550 - 9554 Snowmobiles	
9555 - 9559 All-Terrain Vehicles	
97xx's Process / Court Units	
9700 - 9709 Process Server Units	
9710 - 9749 Courthouse Bailiffs	


11xx's	Big Bend Fire Department
12xx's	Vernon Fire Department
13xx's	New Berlin Fire Department
14xx's	Tess Corners Fire Department
15xx's	City of Waukesha Fire Department
16xx's	Village of Waukesha Fire Department
21xx's	City of Brookfield Fire Department
22xx's	Town of Brookfield Fire Department
23xx's	Butler Fire Department
24xx's	Elm Grove Fire Department
26xx's	Lisbon Fire Department
27xx's	Menomonee Falls Fire Department
28xx's	Pewaukee Fire Department
29xx's	Sussex Fire Department
31xx's	Lake Country Fire Department Station 31
33xx's	Kettle Moraine Fire Department Station 33
34xx's	Mukwonago Fire Department
35xx's	Kettle Moraine Fire Department Station 35
36xx's	Western Lakes Fire District
37xx's	Lake Country Fire Department Station 37
41xx's  Lake Country Fire Department Station 41
42xx's	Lake Country Fire Department Station 42
43xx's	Hartland Fire Department
44xx's	Merton Fire Department
45xx's	Lake Country Fire Department Station 45

Unit Numbers	Equipment
-01	Chief of Department
-02	Officer (Generally Assistant Chief or Deputy Chief)
-03 to -10	Officers
-11 to -44	Firefighter / EMT / 1st Responders
-45 to -49	Emergency Government Units
-51 to -59	Ambulances / Medical Units
-61 to -69	Engines / Pumpers
-71 to -75	Aerials / Ladders
-76 to -79	Squads
-81 to -84	Grass / Brush Fire Vehicle
-85 to -89	Miscellaneous / Utility Vehicles
-91 to -95	Tenders 
-96 to -99	Watercraft / Boats / Dive Unit

City of Waukesha PD Unit #'s
Day shift=7am-3pm 
Early Shift=3pm-11pm
Night Shift=11pm-7am

21xx's First Shift Lieutenants/Captains
22xx's First Shift Sergent's
2xx's First Shift Patrol Officers
31xx's Second shift Lieutenant
32xx's Second Shift Sergent's
3xx's Second Shift Patrol Officers
11xx's Third Shift Lieutenant
12xx's Third Shift Sergent's 
1xx's Third Shift Patrol Officers
4xx's Detectives 
5xx's Specialists
6xx's Traffic Enforcement Officers
7xx's Officers on beat or on 
9xx's Reserve Officers
40 and 42 Parking Enforcement Officers

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