Wichita County (TX) Wichita Falls PD

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Wichita Falls Police Department assigned radio numbers effective 07/02/1991.
It is unknown if these are still current.

    Axn - First Shift Patrol beat officers
    Bxn - Second Shift Patrol beat officers
    Cxn - Third Shift Patrol beat officers
           x = Beat Number
           n = 1, 2, etc.
            ex: C51 & C52 are Beat 5 third shift officers
    Dx1 - Patrol Sergeant A district
    Dx2 - Patrol Sergeant B district
          x = shift number

    E - Patrol Lieutenants
         E1  1st shift
         E2  2nd shift
         E3  3rd shift

    F - Patrol Captains
         F1, F2

    G - Lucy Park patrol

    H - special detail officers

    I - Internal Affairs
         I1  Lt.

    J - Juvenile Unit
        J1  Juvenile Sgt.
        J10 - J12 Juvenile Officers

    K - Criminal Investigation Division
         K1  Lt.
         K2  Offenses Against Persons Sgt.
         K20 - K23  Offenses Against Persons Officers
         K3  Burglary/Felony Theft Sgt.
         K30 - K35  Burglary/Felony Theft Officers
         K4  Misdemeanor/Forgery Sgt.
         K40 - K45  Misdemeanor/Forgery Officers

    L - Identification Technicians

    M - Scuba Team
         M1  Lt.
         M10 - M14  Officers

    N - Neighborhood Watch units

    O - Chaplains
         O1  Duty Chaplain
         O2  back-up Chaplain
         O3  Chaplain Commander
         O4  Chaplain Deputy Commander

    P - aircraft

    Q - Administrative Services
         Q1  Capt.
         Q2  Lt.
         Q10  Crimestoppers Officer

    R - Training & Crimne Prevention
         R1  Sgt.
         R10 - R14  Officers
         R15  DARE Officer

    S - Staff (Chief & Division Commanders)
         S1  Chief
         S2  Field Services Div. Maj.
         S3  Support Services Div. Maj.
         S10  Technical Services Div. Maj.

    T - Traffic Section
         T1  Traffic Commander Lt.
         T2, T3  Motorcycle Sgts.
         T20 - T24, T30 - T34  Motorcycle Officers
         T4  Accident Investigation Sgt.
         T40, T41  On-Site Investigation Officers
         T50, T51  Hit & Run Follow-Up Officers
         T60  Escourts

    Uxxx - off duty Patrol Officers
           xxx = badge number

    V - Narcotics & Criminal Intelligence
         V1  Capt.
         V2  Sgt.
         V20 - V24  Officers

    W - SWAT Team
         W1  Lt.
         W2, W20  Sgts.
         W21 - W28  Officers
         W3  Negotiator Sgt.
         W30 - W32  Negotiator Officers
         W33  alternate Sgt.

    X - Tactical
         X1  Sgt.
         X10 - X14  Officers

    Y - Drug Task Force
         Y1  Sgt.
         Y10 - Y15  Officers

    Z - Risk Management & Emergency Management

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