Will County (IL) Law Enforcement

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Municipalities and Districts

  • 1/31/07 - Towns to buy 113 cop radios (By Susan DeMar Lafferty SUN-TIMES NEWS GROUP)
    • Frankfort, Mokena and New Lenox are teaming up to purchase new radios for police officers. 113 800 MHz units will be bought with grant funds from a settlement agreement under the Telecommunications Infrastructure Maintenance Fee Act. The new equipment will allow all of their police officers to have a portable radio capable of communicating on Will County's 800 MHz system, and be used as a backup should the Lincolnway radio network fail.
    • Ultimately, this would become their primary source of communication as they transition to this new 800 MHz technology, Mokena Police Chief Randy Rajewski said. Mokena and New Lenox decided to share the funds with Frankfort because they rely heavily on each other for 911 services, Chief Martin said. "This benefits every officer on our network," Chief Rajewski said.


  • Police IDs are phonetic letters followed by numbers such as Paul 5 and Edward 2.
  • KJK371 155.3700. They have one base station used to reach neighboring police departments.
  • KNQ451 - 154.2650 BM IFERN; KZJ504 155.0550 B I-REACH; KB24037 155.2200 M MERCI220, 155.3400 M MERCI340 and the first 8 UHF MERCI duplex channels, 463.000/468.0000 through 463.1750/468.1750; KXO595 BM 37.2600 old ESDA low band.

Bolingbrook Park District

  • WQOP596 for Portables on 466.1000, 466.1250, 466.1500, 466.1750, 466.2000 (4wt-11K)


Channahon Park District

Crest Hill (City)


  • Joliet Police identify by the sector in which they work (10s east side, 20s central, 30s west side) and also have cover cars that identify as "west cover", "northeast cover", etc.

Lockport Police

  • Police formerly used 155.025 as F-7 and current is able to monitor "fire band" in squad cars. (not sure now if they have the new frequency)
  • Police are dispatched by WESCOM along with Crest Hill on talkgroup 2201 on the Will County Public Service P25 system.
  • WESCOM is moving to Starcom 21 in 2017, Lockport, Crest Hill, and others will be in the move.
  • Police car to car and special use is over the city's VHF LTR system.

Plainfield Police Department

  • Website
  • "PA" license WQGN804 TF/F 4940.0 - 4990.0 (IP Serveilance Cameras)

Romeoville Police Department

  • Police IDs are 300s. Police use a Nextel for a lot of unit to unit/car to car comms.

University Park

  • Police are dispatched on 470.5625 203.5 PL by EastCom (units ???); also 470.4375 203.5 PL link to other departments


  • 9/11/11 - Submitter reports: "The Wilmington police frequency of 155.310/159.210 118.8 appears to no longer be active"
  • 12/09 - Wilmington Police is now being dispatched by Wescom Dispatch on a simulcast of 155.31 118.8 PL and 158.850 88.5 PL

Will County Police Unit IDs

  • Lockport Police: 500's
  • Lockport Park District Police: 600's
  • Crest Hill Police: 100's
  • Code Lincoln 50: Unit out at the PD
  • Romeoville Police: 300's

Police IDs on WESCOM

West 158.8500 R/154.8750 ------------- 
100s: Plainfield (Dispatched on SC21 TG 1001,1002) 
200s: Channahon 
500s: Plainfield Park District (?) 
700s: Shorewood 

East 155.7300 R/156.0300 ------------- Deprecated, now dispatched on Will County Public Service P25
100s: Crest Hill 
500s: Lockport
600s: Lockport Township Park District Police

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