WirelessUSA (IL/MO) Unidentified Springfield Talkgroups

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  • This page relates to the analog TRS, not the DMR TRS.

Unidentified Springfield Talkgroups

0  000  A  AllAmrcn Tow All American Towing  Business  
0  000  A  Allied P&H Allied Plumbing & Heating  Business  
0  000  A  Chem Dry Chem Dry  Business  
0  000  A  Dawson Farms D Dawson Farms  Business  
0  000  A  QuncyBr Co Quincy Broadcasting Company  Media  
0  000  A  RurElec Coop Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative  Utilities  
0  000  A  Sfpld HsAuth Springfield Housing Authority  Public Works  
0  000  A  State J-R State Journal Register  Media  

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